After the 1913 season...

...there was a suggestion that 7-0 Notre Dame play a post-season game against 7-0 Michigan Agricultural College (now the Spartans of Michigan State).

Here’s what the Chicago Record-Herald wrote after the Aggies turned down this match:

A Comedy in Three Acts

Nov. 3—The Chicago-Notre Dame Alumni Association yesterday decided to make an effort to arrange a post-season, game between Notre Dame and the Michigan Agricultural College eleven, "so as to eliminate one contender from the Western football championship”. 

November 4—Coach Macklin of the Michigan Agricultural College football team said today there would be no post-season game between Notre Dame and M. A. C. this year.

Macklin opposes post-season games because they necessitate keeping the team in training too long after the close of the regular season.

Nov. 5—There will be no post-season game between the Michigan Aggies and Notre Dame for several reasons, among which are Eichenlaub and Dorais.

LOL.  This was the year that Gus Dorais and Knute Rockne put the forward pass (and the Fighting Irish) on the national college football map.  “Ike” Eichenlaub was our second greatest fullback of the first 40 years of ND football…….second only to the greatest Notre Dame player before George Gipp…….legendary Louis “Red” Salmon.  By the way, in my mind, Gus Dorais would be a great choice as the most under-rated great player in ND football history.  Dorais was our most prolific field goal kicker of that era.

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