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A couple of my Emil T. memories…………..

In my former job at ND, I was often asked to give VIP’s tours of the campus.  On the first floor of the Main Building there is a nice display of plaques commemorating Notre Dame “legends”.  I would usually give my own recollections of a few, including Emil. T.  He was quite a connoisseur and expert on restaurants, all over the world.  One day I was giving a tour to a person I knew also fancied himself as a restaurant expert.  We bumped into Emil T., sitting on “his bench” in front of the Dome.  I said to my guest “Emil T. can tell you the best restaurant in any city you can name”.  My wise-ass guest said “How about Bogota?”.  Emil T. did not immediately respond and my guest said “Did I stump you?”  Emil T. replied “I was trying to decide among”…………and then rattled off three restaurants!

Incidentally, his birthplace was the home of another Notre Dame legend……Father John Farley.  John Farley, nicknamed “Tiger Lily” as a player and “Pop” as a Rector, was one of Notre Dame’s first athletic legends, starring in football, baseball, and track.  He is the only Hall Rector to have a Dorm named after him.

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