Don Snyder, whose mother named him Paul, was a great classmate and a fine
attorney (As I was told, not only by Don, but by a buddy of mine who once
worked on a case with him.)  

In his dotage, Don has written a book.  

While I can't recommend it quite as highly as NOTRE DAME BASEBALL GREATS
(shameless self-promotion), Don has done a great job on this.

If you're looking for something to read, give this one a try.

One of Don's former law partners is the principal in Wicklow Media and
published this novel. I hope it's a big hit.........because of my long-time
friendship with Don and because Lord knows we need more good writers and
fewer attorneys.

Don has included some teaser notes below...................

Kevin was in Monk Malloy's Moral Theology Class and Monk has agreed to read
the book and to let us know his comments. A key portion of the plot occurs
in a Notre Dame moral theology class where two WW II vets are trying to make
sense of why an all-loving God can allow all of the bad stuff happen. Dan
Fleming, the major character is a walk on to the football team and the
conclusion of the story occurs in South Bend and at Sacred Heart Church. 

The book came out this week and is available on Createspace or Amazon and
should pop up if you search "Paul Snyder" on Amazon.


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