At our 50th reunion...

...we were honored that Fr. Bill Beauchamp volunteered to say our Class Mass in the Basilica.  Fr. Bill has recently returned to Notre Dame, after serving as President of our sister school, the University of Portland.

Bill and I became friends when I came back to work for Notre Dame and he was our Executive Vice President.  What cemented our friendship was The Lone Ranger!  Growing up in Detroit, Bill’s dad knew the creators of the Lone Ranger.  I told him the Lone Ranger was my first hero.  I also told Bill my own personal Clayton Moore story.  

In 1980 I was recruited to Los Angeles to be the Chief of Staff for the Sheriff.  One day I got a call from my counterpart in Houston.  The Lone Ranger had just made a personal appearance in Houston.  The airline lost his luggage when he flew back to Los Angeles.  The luggage had been located and they wanted to send it to the Sheriff’s Department, since the Lone Rangers six-guns were in the bags.  

After I got the bags, I called Clayton Moore.  I was surprised (and unprepared) when he himself answered the phone.  All I could think to say was “You’re the Lone Ranger”.  He said “Yes, I am”.  When I told Mr. Moore that I had his guns, he was beside himself with relief.  Even though I explained how I came to get them, from then on, he considered me the sleuth who had solved the mystery.  Then I did one of the stupidest things I have ever done……….instead of delivering the luggage myself, I called our Malibu Sheriff’s Station and asked for a deputy to deliver them.  Later I got a call from the deputy who did that job.  He said it was the greatest day of his career---“My partner and I spent the entire day with him, listening to his stories about the Lone Ranger”.

During one of my conversations with Clayton Moore he told me that he had two ambitions when he was a boy………..he wanted to be either a cop or a cowboy.  He said “By portraying the Lone Ranger, I got to do both”.

Here’s the neat song which always reminds me of the Masked Rider…………..

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