The Duke game this Saturday is Military Appreciation day. In 1946, two million battle hardened soldiers returned from WWII to enroll in college on the GI Bill, joining incoming freshmen to make this the most competitive era of collegiate football. Every team in the country was loaded with talent. Notre Dame had over 50 servicemen on the team in ’46 and dominated this historically unique football era, never losing a game in 4 seasons, and having back to back championships in 1946-47.  These teams were never behind in points at any time in any game during those 2 seasons: a record unmatched by any other national champs. Let’s remember and pray for all the men and women who have served our country . Attached is a 3 minute video vignette of just some of Notre Dame’s war heroes from the era, taken from a new documentary The Greatest Team: Notre Dame’s Unrivaled 1946-47 Football Squads. More information on these remarkable teams and the documentary can be found at


Picture – WWII veteran, Bronze Star recipient & ND All-American End - “Jungle Jim” Martin  1946-49 was AP Athlete of the Year

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