OK...so ND isn't having such a good season. But when Terry Brennan walked back out on the field recently to honor the 70th anniversary of the 1946 Notre Dame national champs,  the crowd roared its approval. He's 89 years young now.  But Brennan was a typical college-aged kid when he had to compete with dozens of  battle hardened soldiers returning from WWII to earn a starting spot. Incredibly, he started all 4 years. In '46 he led what was arguably the greatest college football team ever fielded in yardage gained from running, pass receptions and kick returns. A new documentary called The Greatest Team: Notre Dame's Unrivaled 1946-47 Football Squad  highlights Terry's exploits and that of his "Greatest Team" teammates.  Please  post this 3 minute video honoring the '46 championship team and Terry's achievement as a star player and coach, and his dramatic moment back on the field. Thanks  for helping to keeping this era of Notre Dame's greatness alive ! Andy Panelli  '77, '83




Terry Brennan  #37 -Leading Rusher on the Nation's leading rushing team - '46 ND National Champs

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