As most of you know, I have been researching early (1887-1917) Notre Dame Football.  My simple goal of learning who scored our points in those games got expanded when I learned that there were at least two dozen players missing from the Notre Dame Media Guide, as I decided to check for errors.  Correcting player names then became of interest to me.  Then, I got on a tangent to learn all I could about the post-ND lives of those players.  It’s been a lot of work, but a lot of fun.

Yesterday, I sent out a list of the early ND Gridders who healed souls.  Today I am including mini-bios on the early players who healed bodies.

Doyle, Nicholas Murray 

b. 2/2/1885, Caledonia, Ontario, CAN; d. post 1942—

At ND, 1905-1907.  Previously attended St. Ignatius College, of Chicago.  Nationalized as U.S. citizen, in Chicago, 11/3/1902, with Fred M. Doyle as witness.  Started at L.G. and scored two TD’s, in N D’s 1907 opening game and dropped out of school shortly thereafter.  Lived in St. Joseph Hall, which was the primary dorm for students “working their way through ND”.  Physician at Ziegler Hospital, Franklin, IL, during WWI.  In the 1940 U.S. Census, he was listed in the Northern Hospital & Dispensary.  Chicago Physician, with Clark Street Address, in WWII Draft Registration.  

Kelly, Edward H.

b. 6/3/1876, Dunmore, PA; d. ?  5’11 ½, 172.

At ND, 1895-1896.  Three-game tackle, in 1895.  If this is our guy, his father was born in Northern Ireland and Ed was a Physician in Scranton, PA, in both 1930 and 1940 Census, with a G.U. specialty (genitourinary—you can look it up; it’s kind of yucky).  (NOTE:  for short term students, with common names, it is difficult to verify identities.  I’m hopeful that this man was the one-year ND guy.)

Luhn, Henry Bernard

b. 8/14/1867, Brooklyn, NY; d. 2/10/1932 (64), Moscow, ID. 

At ND, 1885-1888.  His father, Gerhard, born in Hanover, Germany, and joined the U.S. Army in the early 1850’s.  He fought in the “Mormon War”; against the Sioux, Indians; and in the Civil War.  He was reportedly in the Army of the Potomac, participating in the Battle of Bull Run; Gettysburg; and Antietam and was present at the surrender of Lee at Appomattox.  He was eventually promoted to the rank of Major.  Henry was Notre Dame’s first Football captain.  Transfer from Villanova (prep program).  Penn Medical School-1890 M.D.  Spent two years working in Philadelphia hospitals.  Founded Gonzaga Football, 1892, beginning with a Thanksgiving Day game against the Spokane Amateur Athletic Club, ending in a 4-4 tie (one TD each).  He coached them through 1898.  In 1920, Gonzaga hired the first full-time head coach, Gus Dorais, of ND forward passing fame.  Luhn was a Physician-Surgeon.  Medical Director, Roman Catholic Insurance Company of America.  In 1923, he was elected the second VP of the Northern Pacific Surgical Association.

McCullough, Gilbert Francis

b. 7/27/1882, Davenport, IA; d. 2/11/1955 (72), Davenport, IA.  6’2*.  

At ND, 1900-1904, B.S., Biology.  1-game QB sub, in 1901.  Ran Track and was Baseball pitcher.  When ND’s first strength and conditioning began, Gil finished first in “lung capacity”, with 396 cubic inches.  Northwestern Medical College, MD-1907.  *Self-described as “tall & medium” on WWI Draft Registration and “6’2, 225” (no longer medium) on his WWII Draft Registration.  He has not previously been listed in the Notre Dame Football Media Guide.   Physician.

Powers, Michael Riley 

b. 9/25/1870, Adams, MA; d. 4/26/1909 (38), Philadelphia, PA.  5’8, 160.

At ND, 1897-1899.  Transfer from Holy Cross College.  Medical Degree, Louisville Medical College.  Major League Baseball player.  Died as a result of an injury sustained during the opening game in Philadelphia’s Shibe Park, April 12, 1909.  After his death, the “Indianapolis Sun” headline was “Tribute Given to Nation’s Hero Given Michael Powers”.  A crowd of 5,000 people followed the hearse to St. Elizabeth’s Church with as many people lining the streets as the procession passed by.  Hall of Fame pitcher Eddie Plank was among six teammates who served as pall bearers.  Powers was usually the designated catcher for Plank.  According to Bob Bailey, the expert researcher of burial locations for Major League Baseball Players, Doc was buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, in Montgomery County, PA, the same resting place for Connie Mack, who owned and managed the A’s.  Connie’s son, Earle Mack, who had a short Major League career with the A’s, also attended Notre Dame.  Doc was a Physician-Major League Baseball player, like ND’s John Mohardt, who was just outside my research period.

Rausch, Lorenzo August

b. 7/21/1893, Olney, IL; d. 12/23/1968 (75), South Bend, IN.  6’1, 185.

At ND, 1913-1915.  Graduated from American School of Osteopathy (played 1915)-1917.  He had earlier spent the 1912-1913 at ASO before enrolling at ND.  In 1909, he married Dr. Leona Stevens, a fellow grad from ASO.   He served as a pursuit pilot, in France, during WWI.  He moved to South Bend in the early 20’s, where he was a founding member of the South Bend Lions Club (1921), with whom he had a 32-year record of perfect attendance.  He was a member of the City’s Board of Park Commissioners.  Osteopathic Physician.

Rosenthal, Jacob

b. 8/8/1876, Alpena, MI; d. 8/12/1932 (56), Detroit, MI.  5’11, 226.

At ND, 1894-1897, B.S., Biology.  Both parents born in Prussia, Michigan, Poland, or Russia---as listed in four successive U.S. Census filings.  Transfer from the University of Michigan.  His 1895 ND coach, hired from Michigan, sent a note back to Ann Arbor with an unkind comment about Jacob: “You can imagine the kind of crowd it is when I tell you that Rosenthal that big lump of guts that was at Michigan last year is the most promising candidate for center”.   Penn Medical School Graduate, where he also played football.  It’s indicative of the standing of ND Football in the 1890’s, that Rosenthal could not make the roster at Michigan and was no more than a scrub at Penn, but was a solid 10 game lineman for ND.  Moved to Petoskey, MI, after living for many years in Sault Saint Marie.  Physician.

Roth, Jesse Henry

b. 6/6/1888, Fowler, IN; d. 5/1/1951 (63), Tucson, AZ.

At ND, 1906-1910, Litt.B., Valedictorian.  Transfer from Marion Normal College.  One game sub end, in 1908.  Fine track athlete.  Competed against ND, in 2/1911 track meet, while performing for the Illinois Athletic Club Team.  Attended Chicago College of Physicians and Surgeons, of the University of Illinois.  Passed Illinois State licensing as physician, 7/1915.  Performed more than 300 eye surgeries in 10 months at Illinois Charitable Hospital.  WWI-Lt. Col., assigned to Army Hospitals in Nantes, France.  President of Kankakee, Il, Medical Society.  Eye, Ear, Nose, & Throat Physician and on University of Illinois Medical School Faculty.  

Wagner, Earl Peter

b. 8/21/1874, South Bend, IN; d. 7/1/1920 (45), South Bend, IN.  5’11, 185.

At ND, 1899-1900.  Purdue Pharmacy grad.  Played tackle against ND, on November 14, 1896. Attended Chicago Physicians and Surgeons College, of Chicago, for whom he also played tackle against the Irish, October, 29, 1903.  During the 1899 season, he played tackle for ND, against both Purdue and Chicago Physicians and Surgeons.  He was a ten-game starting tackle for ND.  One of the physicians brought in to diagnose the illness which took his life was Dr. John Berteling, Notre Dame “House Physician” and father of 1907 ND back-up QB, John “Doc” Berteling.  Wagner was a Physician and the St. Joseph County (IN) Coroner.  

Yaeger*, Leslie Arno “Dutch” *Name has been misspelled in Football Media Guide.

b. 5/11/1892, Trenton, NJ; d. 2/28/1949 (56), Trenton, NJ.  5’10, 160

At ND, 1913-1917, B.S.  Father born in Dresden, Germany.  Member of Glee Club. University of Maryland Med School.  Service in WWI and also served in WWII (1942-1947), as Lt. Colonel, U.S. Army.  Medical Inspector of 44th Division, serving in England and Africa.  Died in St. Francis Hospital, on whose staff he served, from ailments suffered during his WWII service.  Physician.

Young, Jacob Philip

b. 8/23/1884, Huntington, IN; d. 7/12/1954 (69), Huntington, IN. 

At ND, 1905-1908, B.S. Biology.  Later attended Huntington, Ross, Palmer, & American Colleges of Osteopathy.  H.S. Science Teacher and faculty manager of the Huntington H.S. Athletic Association.  Chiropractor.

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