Jarious Jackson had arguably the finest quarterbacking career at ND...that nobody ever recognized.

He came to ND as a highly recruited athlete, with various colleges projecting him as a QB, Tight End, Linebacker, Safety, and Running Back. He was a very tough kid. One Blue Gold Game, Jarious was in a red jersey. He threw three interceptions. He made crushing tackles on two of them! And, he was a GREAT kid. 

Jarious played behind Ron Powlus for two years. There were some who thought he was the superior QB. As a tribute to his character, Jarious never caused any disruption about sitting for two years.

If Bob Davie had ended the 1998 LSU game properly, Jarious would not have been injured on the final play and we would have slaughtered SC in the Coliseum and been a one-loss team and likely winner in a top bowl game. Instead, Jarious was told to “take a knee” at the end of the LSU game and did as he was told. Only 2-3 seconds went off the clock on the first two plays. At the end, Jarious was told to “take a knee in the end zone” for a safety. He did as he was told and an LSU player dove at his knee and wrecked it, five feet in front of my spot in the end zone. If I had known that Davie (and O-Coordinator Jim Colletto) didn’t know how to properly take a safety, I would have yelled to Jarious to run right by me up the tunnel.

Incidentally, on one of the road games when I accompanied Ty Willingham, we had some private time together and I told him how frustrated I was about this end of game failure and the injury that Jarious suffered. From then on, every time we did our walk-through at road stadiums, one of the additional drills the team practiced was “taking a knee” and giving up a safety at the end of a game.

The senior year Jarious had was arguably the best in our history until Brady Quinn came along. Jarious was 184/316 (.592), for a then-ND record 2,753 yards and 17 TD’s.

Here’s the latest news of what Jarious has been up to:

Former Notre Dame quarterback Jarious Jackson, 34, has signed a contract with the CFL Toronto Argonauts after seven seasons and two Grey Cup championships with the B.C. Lions. Jackson started 22 games for B.C. in 108 regular-season appearances, played in eight postseason games and helped the Lions win the Grey Cup in 2006 and 2011.

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