With the NDHS 50th Reunion less than two months away, I was in Atlanta for two weeks for the launch of the fantastic new Cadillac ATS. Before heading to Atlanta I looked up ’62 classmates that lived in the area and found three, including Tom Gorman ’67. Met Mike Mayer, Ken McAvoy and Tom (L to R in photo) at a local restaurant and discussed the past 50 years since we last met. Most interesting fact: Mayer and McAvoy lived on the same street for one week years ago and never knew until they met.

Tom’s story (the printable version) includes a scholarship to Portland University offered by our beloved NDHS principal Fr. Joe O’Neill CSC, transferring to ND after two years, and graduating with a B.A. in English in 1967. After a brief stint with Alberto-Culver in Chicago, Tom moved to Birmingham AL in 1969 and has lived in six states in the Southeast ever since, the last 20 in Athens GA where he belongs to the Touchdown Club of his second favorite football team.

Although semi-retired, Tom has spent his whole life working in marketing management for consumer package goods companies, specializing in market research, brand management and especially new product development. You can use your own imagination as to how he describes his favorite product that he developed…the first pair of woman’s panties for Fruit-of-the-Loom! Probably thanks to his experience on various St. Mary’s raids. 

Tom’s ND roots go way back as his grandfather, a Sears’ exec in Chicago, was a good friend of Rockne and Leahy. For 20 years, his grandparents took the train to every ND football game. Tom’s legacy includes a father and two uncles that graduated from ND. Tom is single, has two sons and two granddaughters to keep him busy, as well as working part time for Brooks Brothers and local newspapers.

Tom plans on attending the NDHS 50th reunion as well as our 50th on campus where he’ll tell you a story about Paul Hornung and a pair of Fruit-of-the-Looms if you ask.

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