On the night we graduated from ND, my folks hosted a party at the Randall’s Inn for a few of the graduates, including Glenn Man from Hawaii, my roommate Dan Rooney from Pittsburgh and my future wife Carol. who had just graduated from Holy Cross School of Nursing (along with Andy Dincolo’s wife Domi who was Carol’s roommate). The girls will never forget Glenn’s dad who brought beautiful leis from Hawaii for all of the ladies.

Glenn read in the Tom Sullivan’s column that Carol and I were planning on attending the Michigan game this past fall, and he reached out by email to say he was attending the game also and suggested that we get together after 48 years. What a great lunch we had at Legends and even a better tailgater the next day when Glenn had a chance to visit with Jerry Erbach and his family, including Jerry’s first grandchild Elias who was attending his first ND football game.

I had forgotten that, like me, Glenn had stayed at ND for grad school, graduating with a Master’s and a PhD in English in 1970. Turns out he and Jerry Erbach were the only two classmates to attend our wedding in Sacred Heart Basilica on the day of the ND-Michigan State 10-10 “tie of the decade.” He met his wife Margaret in grad school at ND in 1968 where she also graduated with an MA in English in 1970. After marrying in Margaret’s hometown of Averill Park, NY, the two headed for Nova Scotia where Glenn taught English for four years at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish. Glenn and Margaret eventually moved to Hawaii in 1974 where Glenn has taught in the English department at the University of Hawaii for 41 years, including nine years as the Chairman of the department.

Glenn and Margaret have two children: son Gabriel, a 1993 ND graduate in film production, working as a writer and freelance media specialist in Honolulu, and married to Sarah, a 1992 St. Mary’s graduate, who teaches Social Studies at La Pietra Hawaii School for Girls in Honolulu; and daughter Kathleen, who has a BA in film studies from Yale in 1996 and an MFA from Iowa in 1998, and who lives in L.A. and married to filmmaker Stephen Gyllenhaal, father of Jake and Maggie. Glenn and Margaret have three grandchildren from Gabriel (Henry, Zoe and Ryan), and the recently newborn Luke from Kathleen, which gave them cause to visit LA the week of the USC game (okay, so Glenn started the season with a memorable victory and finished with a forgettable loss).

Amazingly, Dan and Gloria Rooney were in town from Maine for the game, so we hosted the two couples from opposite ends of the USA for Sunday brunch in Orange County. We all agreed to meet again at ND for the 50th. Hopefully, Glenn will keep the tradition and bring leis for all our ladies.



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