As the world continues to re-open, you may be anxious for new surroundings. But travel during a pandemic may bring new concerns when leaving home. As you plan your next trip, whether it will take you across the state or across the world, consider the many benefits of travel insurance.

Besides the peace of mind afforded by travel insurance, it’s a smart economic choice to help protect your trip investment. The cost of a travel insurance plan varies based on your age, the cost of your trip and which plan you select, but any plan cost may be much less than the potential cost of a disruption to your travel plans, whether it’s a cancellation due to illness, a delay due to horrible weather, or a medical emergency away from home. Despite our best efforts to control our surroundings, the unexpected happens more often than you’d think.

Many travelers now are particularly concerned with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on their travel plans and may wonder how travel insurance can help. When researching and selecting an insurance plan, be sure to understand how the plan might cover you: are pandemics excluded from the plan? Would you be covered if you or your traveling companion became ill with Covid prior to or during your trip? What kind of coverage would be available should you need to quarantine at your destination? Does the plan include adequate coverage to meet insurance requirements in your destination country?

Planning travel during uncertain times is driving many travelers to seek maximum flexibility when it comes to cancelling their trip. A popular option is to upgrade your plan with Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) coverage. This upgrade allows you to cancel your plan for literally any reason at all, including reasons not normally covered by the plan such as fear of travel and closed borders. Just be sure to buy your travel insurance plan early – there are time-sensitive benefits, including CFAR, that are not available if you don’t enroll within 14 or 21 days (depending on the plan) after your first trip payment.

Wondering where to start? Good news: Traveling Irish already has a plan available for you to use. Go with a plan that’s been vetted and is trusted by the Notre Dame Alumni Association. Choose from three plan levels to find the option that meets your coverage needs and budget. The plan is available to use for your personal trips, too.

As always, read the plan documents carefully to fully understand your coverage. If you have any questions or need help picking the best plan for you, email or call 1-800-937-1387.

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