Students from the Classes of 2024 and 2025 gathered on Saturday, July 31st to celebrate the upcoming school year. Over thirty families and numerous alumni came together in support and celebration of Our Lady’s University.  The students and their families celebrated mass, shared a picnic meal, reconnected with old friends and made new ones! The students were challenged to a team trivia contest that tested their knowledge about the University. There was a buzz of excitement and anticipation among the students about heading to campus. 



A special thanks to all our volunteers! 


Julio Casillas    John Dee   Lori Christansen and family   Michael Jennings   Mike Garcia   Cooper Cohen   Mandy Gonzales   Craig Rogers (Regis host and alum)   Will Holmes   Natalie Rodden   Adam Soisson   Isalina Colsman ’24   Taylor Batilo ’24   Michael Kania ’24   Piper Shine ’23   Hannah Smith ’24   Jordan Cleary ‘24   Ken & Clair Kania (parents)   Valerie Frequez (parent)   Randy Marrone (parent)  

John Bogumil donated his time/talents to provide music at the mass



Make-up of the Class of 2025

Admission to Notre Dame is exclusive as we all know. Out of 23,639 applications, only 3,446 got admitted! We are sending 24 out of the 3,446 who got admitted. So, we are very proud of our students! 



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