Tanzania, East Africa

Travelers on the February 2019 trip to Tanzania visited a rural primary school that lacked running water. Each student was required to carry a gallon or more of water to school every day - sometimes walking miles to fetch water from the closest source - before walking the long distance to school. As our group toured the school, it was apparent that they could benefit greatly from access to running water. It left the travelers wondering, “how can we help?”.

Jim Cavanaugh '71,'74 J.D., one of the travelers, took up the cause, and invited the other travelers to join him in the fundraising effort to pay for a well. We’re happy to report -- in true Notre Dame fashion -- in less than 5 weeks, ample money was raised and the work began. Water is flowing at the Kibaoni Primary School and students (and the local villages of Chim Chim and Kilimamoja) now have water to drink, to irrigate their newly planted gardens and for other personal uses at the school and in the villages. It goes to show the positive impact travel can have on the world. 

Enjoy these photos and news from the Kibaoni Primary School Foundation
Water is flowing at the Kibaoni Primary School
Water is Life: Sanitation is Dignity

See the well for yourself when you visit the school on our February, 2022 Tanzania Safari

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