Howard Foley Marylee and I have always left a ND Reunion weekend with great memories of classmates, the activities, the campus, former faculty members and the genuine religious atmosphere that defines Notre Dame. This year was even more special because of Father Ted. The entire experience this year was greatly enhanced by stories that were shared with us about this outstanding human being. From deeply personal one-on-one interactions to monumental achievements on the international level, not to mention his remarkable contributions to making our great University what it is today. We are indeed blessed to be a part of our Notre Dame family. Steve Barry While it is most convenient to yield to apathy & sloth by deciding that returning for the 55th reunion would be "too expensive"; "too much trouble", etc. I am most delighted to have made the effort to attend. A wonderful experience to again be in the company of ND's Greatest Class! Two Foleys, Lekin, Corbett, Pietrzak, Lodish, Heenan; a tip of the hat to Pete Giaimo for bringing us his show! Billy Joel was right: "These are the times to remember 'cause it will not last forever. These are the days to hold on to..." One last drink with my pal Hackman (a.k.a. The Bear) - Mike Dalzell; God rest ye who have gone before us and bless the rest of us. Three things for us to remember as septuagenarians: 1). if you need to remember something, write it down. 2). Never pass by a men's room. 3). Never, ever buy green bananas. See you at the 56th or whichever's next. Terry Keating REUNION 55!! What a weekend!! First let me thank all who participated and those who sent along assistance to help underwrite our expenses. Special thanks to Terry Sullivan for donating his beautifully designed pens that were given as a memento to donors of $100 or more to our Class Scholarship Fund and to Peter Giaimo for providing the spectacular entertainment Friday night. The Class of ‘60 was able to add $5,500 to our Scholarship Fund. Thanks again to all of you! As always there were special moments-for me on Saturday night a great conversation with Mike and Jeanne Dalzell remembering our friendship that began in Sept. 1956!! May he rest in Peace! Each month a Mass is celebrated for the deceased members and families of the Class of ’60. Remember you never want to have to say “I wish I would a…” Join us in Sept at the GT game or at any other Class activity, including the Florida lunches or REUNION 60 in June 2020.Bill Killilea This 55th reunion was amazing to me, because of the wonderful turn out. The warm response of all who attended at all of the events. Honoring the Corbett family will always be memorable. Tim Carroll’s seminar should be sent to all running for office. The most memorable for me personally was a very private conversation with Mike Dalzell. Little did I think it would the last. God bless a good friend and classmate. Amen

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