I want to thank the Notre Dame Club of Denver’s Board and community for all of your support these last two years. I am so honored that I was able to serve as president for The Club. It was an incredible experience on the Board and learning all the amazing things that members of our club do on a regular basis.

Whenever I go back to Notre Dame, I am consistently touched by that call to excellence, the charge to “be audacious” and to “…be a powerful force for good”. These calls also reminded me of another phrase I heard often from a friend of mine “God calls busy people”. I felt that strong call to serve our Denver area community and it was impossible to ignore.

I am grateful to the presidents that served before me who were available for wise council, often. The things they learned, their frustrations, the goals left unfinished, as well as the great moments of pride and hope in our fellow Domers in things accomplished. These were the nuts and bolts of what I tried to build on and even though I left some goals unfinished, it humbles me the connections we saw during the Covid lockdown and into the reopening.

I am grateful to everyone who served on the Club’s Board- brainstorming, generosity and thoughtfulness are rare as group virtues. I feel that those virtues continue with the new Board combined with enthusiasm to reconnect with the Notre Dame family. I am excited to see what amazing new things come forward as Julio Casillas takes up the presidential mantle to build a future Club for our Denver area community that continues to move forward while listening to Fr. Sorin’s voice echo from the past.

I will be around, continuing to serve my Notre Dame Family and the Denver area as I move into my new adventures. Hey everyone, let’s definitely stay in touch!


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