Six years ago, a guy named Adam Russell wrote something called "Which College Is Quarterback U?

(NOTE:  Because of when this was written, it does not include Brady Quinn or Jimmy Clausen or Andrew Luck.)
It was kind of fun to read, with 25 colleges ranked.
Notre Dame was graded at #2, with Stanford being acclaimed #1.
He listed these QB’s from ND:
Montana; Lamonica; Theismann; Hanratty; Huarte; Beuerlein; Guglielmi; Clements; Kiel; Ratterman; Lisch; and Mirer
He limited himself to player’s performance in the NFL (which excludes fine college QB’s Tony Rice, Kevin McDougal, and Ron Powlus).  He also limited himself to players after 1960 (which eliminates Lujack and Bertelli, who won Heisman’s as QB’s).  He left out Frank Tripucka, who was the first pro QB to throw for more than 3,000 yards in a season (and did it after 1960) and George Izo.  He also left out Kent Graham, who first played at ND before transferring to Ohio State.
For Stanford, he listed:
Elway; Plunkett; Brodie; And wrote, “Need I say more?”!!!  He then added……Dils; Schonert; Stenstrom; Benjamin; and Hutchinson
There’s a million ways to evaluate pro QB’s, but for the purpose of this rebuttal, I’m going to list only two numbers:  NFL games started and TD’s.  Both of these statistics indicate value in the NFL.
I have a hard time seeing how the Stanford QB’s are superior to the ND QB’s.  And, if their college performance were included, ND wins in a rout, with stars like Huarte, Hanratty, Clements, Mirer, and Quinn having been outstanding winners in college despite less success in the NFL.  Clements ranks as one of the All-Time Greats in the CFL.
Perhaps others have also critiqued this list, but I wanted to share my feelings with some of my friends.
Montana                             164          273
Lamonica                             88          164
Theismann                          124         160
Hanratty                               18            24
Huarte                                    1              1             
Beuerlein                            102         147
Guglielmi                             26            24
Clements                                0              0             
Kiel                                        3              8
Ratterman*                           18            39           *doesn’t include his numbers with the AAFC
Lisch                                      1              1
Mirer                                     68           50
(Tripucka                              52           69)
(Izo                                         6           12)
Elway                                  231         300
Plunkett                               144         164
Brodie                                 159         214
Dils                                       27           27
Schonert                               12            11
Stenstrom                             10              4
Benjamin                               0              3
Hutchinson                          14             11


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