George had been sick for the last couple of years and the struggle had been increasingly difficult for him.  A really good guy.  I went to the wake, a beautiful funeral Mass, and gathering afterwards at the VFW Hall at which George was active.  Despite having known and gone around with him to an extent in high school (he and the Queen of All Saints guys from a well-to-do part of the City were the bridge group between my City group and the suburban guys at Loyola, so everyone liked them) and having been his ND classmate, having been in the same party group in high school with his wife, and having lived the last 40 years fairly close by, George was so understated that I had not even known until the wake that he had been a captain in the Marines right out of ND and fought at the up at Da Nang or somewhere north in the Tet Offensive as an artillery commander.  

James K. Toohey, '66

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