Reading this item from ND Sports Information reminds me of my personal #1 FSU highlight.

In 2003, the Seminoles came to Notre Dame and defeated us 37-0. I was aware of their tradition of ripping up a hunk of sod and triumphantly displaying it (a scalp) as they marched out of the stadium and took it back to Tallahassee, where they buried it in a symbolic graveyard. I saw their star player (a DB named Ward) striding towards the end zone. I met him at the 20 yard line and put a death grip on one of his wrists and my other hand on his hand with the sod. After we had a short “discussion”, he handed over the turf and left. The next day, the Police Chief of Florida State sent me the transcript of the guy’s interview down there. He said, “The Ushers defended the turf better than the ND defense. A white haired Usher (!!) manhandled me.”

In my office, I proudly displayed the two photos……one with him carrying the sod and one with me taking it away from him.

The TRIBUNE asked me for the name of the usher who did this. I wanted them to say “an unnamed 60 year old usher”, but they wouldn’t go for that. When ND fans visited me in my office, that photo always got a lot of comments.

Go Irish. Beat Noles!


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