As most of you know, I am writing a history of early (1887-1917) Notre Dame Football.

The so-called Spanish Flu has been mentioned many times in the news because of the recent Covid-19 pandemic.

Here are a couple former Notre Dame football players who died of the Spanish Flu.  


Corry, Clarence Andrew

b. 6/5/1876, Jasper County, IA; d. 11/25/1918 (42), Butte, MT.  5’8, 160.

At ND 1890-1895, Commercial Diploma.  After starting at halfback on ND’s 1894 team, Clarence transferred to the Colorado School of Mines, where he was the star halfback, according to an item in the SCHOLASTIC.  Worked in mining.  Was foreman of the Butte-Duluth Mining Company plant, east of Butte.  Died of Spanish Influenza-pneumonia.  Buried in the Mount Moriah Cemetery, created by the Odd Fellows and Butte Masonic Lodge.  The 45 acre site, which was purchased from the Northern Pacific Railroad, also contains the Chinese Cemetery.

Stephan, Leo Joseph

b. 10/21/1897, Scales Mound, IL; d. 3/30/1919 (21), Chicago, IL.  6’0, 200.

At ND, 1908-1911, 1913-16, Engineering Certificate.  Both parents born in Bavaria, Germany.  Starting left tackle on ND’s 7-1 1915 team.  His older brother, Anton, played baseball for ND.  WWI service.  Construction Engineer.  Died of influenza, during the 1918-1920 pandemic, which infected 500,000,000 people across the world, with approximately 10-20% dying (3-5% of the world’s population).  The outbreak was nicknamed the Spanish Flu, because of a misperception that Spain was hardest hit.

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