I am pleased to tell you that I just got my hands on a wonderful new book that will be of interest to all ND followers.

The Pluck of the Irish was written by our classmate Jim Hayden.  I’ve known Jim for 53 years and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him without wearing spats and an ascot, with a neatly pressed handkerchief in the pocket of his blue blazer.  He is quite dapper.

The book was published by Back Story Publishing.  

The CEO of BSP is our classmate Bill Dwyre.  I’ve known Bill for 53 years.  Disheveled and rumpled would be the best description of his clothing style.  He is Oscar Madison to Hayden’s Felix Unger.How the two of them ever got together is beyond me.  LOL.

Jim is a wonderful fellow and great writer.  All Bill ever did with the Communication Arts Degree he and I share is win a BIG bunch of awards as a writer and sports editor and lead the L.A. Times Sports Department in their heralded coverage of the 1984 Olympic Games.  He won “Editor of the Year” from the Washington Press Club for leading that monumental effort.  He also won the Red Smith Award (named after another wonderful ND Sports Writer) and too many more to list.  

Peter Murphy, another ND man, is the owner of BSP, which is in its second year of operation.  

The mission of BSP is “to create engaging and entertaining--even inspirational--reading material for middle-grade readers, ages 8-13”.

They hit a home run with this book.  Their first book was Hard to Heart about boxer Tim Bradley, written by Bill.  Their second was Fairly at Bat, some memories from former Los Angeles Dodger, Ron Fairley.  Their next book will be about Baltimore Orioles Slugger Mark Trumbo.

I strongly recommend this book to all of you.  Pretend you’re buying it for one of your grandchildren, but I assure you that you’ll love it yourself.

When I tell you who the chapters are about, I know you’ll rush to buy it………on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble:

Fr. Ted; Johnny Lujack; Haley Scott DeMaria; Red Smith; Muffet McGraw; George Blaha; Pete Duranko; George Dohrmann; Tommy Hawkins; and Rocky Bleier.

The photo of Blaha, on page 79, is worth the price of the book.  On page 84 is a photo of George, Fr. Ted, and Mary Krause (Blaha).  George lived across the hall from me in B-P.  I can’t recall an afternoon that he was not in his room writing a letter to Mary.

Go Irish!

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