Each time I read this item I get choked up...

From the 1923 ALUMNUS:

The Glory of Notre Dame, A Free Translation From Life

I-Notre Dame University. Office of the Dean. Time: Before the Great War.

Enter a youth who appears by his dress to be a tramp.  The Dean: "What can I do for you?"  The Kid: "I want to enter."  "Enter? Enter what?"  "The University."  "As a laborer doubtless. See the superintendent."  "As a student."  "As a student! Surely you do not understand. This is a school. Besides— Have you any —er— What are your resources?"  Kid turns his empty ragged trouser pockets inside out.  "Then how do you expect. . . ? Where are you from? How did you get here?"  "I expect to go through the University. I am from Connecticut.  I worked my way here on a freight."  The Dean grasps the kid's hand: "I'm beginning to like you, boy."

II-Field Hospital in France. Battle in Progress.  

The kid dangerously wounded with the bayonet. Delirious.  Kid: "Is there a Notre Dame man here?  Is there a Notre Dame man here?  Is there a Notre Dame man here? Is there a Not . . . " Surgeon arriving: "Go easy, buddy. I'm a Notre Dame man.  You're at home."  The Kid: "A-ah. At home.  There's a Notre Dame man. . ."  Falls to sleep.

III-Notre Dame University. Office of the president. Time: Evening of Commencement Day.

Kid enters, diploma in one hand, envelope in the other. President: "What is it, David?"  David: "My bit for the endowment fund."  President: "Two hun—. This is too much. Two hundred dollars.  You shouldn't do it. Wherever did you get it, David?" David: "Saved her up. S'all right."  President: "But — ah — have you other — funds?"  Kid turns his pockets inside out.  "But how will you get home?" "Same way I got here. Work my way on a freight."  President seizes the boy's hand in both of his and says never a word.  When the boy is gone the president says to himself—"The Riches and Power and Glory of Notre Dame."

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