ND 66ers,

These two photos (not included) are from Corey Hart’s funeral in Westlake, CA last Thursday.  Beautiful service and real tribute to Cathy who had been a rock through all this.  What a super wife.

Four loves of his life:  Cathy, God, Country, Marines, and ND! 

Marine color guard there. I knew he was a Marine but not that he was in the Battle of Hue. Wow. Had 2 tours in Viet Nam. 

Long career in FBI in U.S. and abroad. 

Attending from ND were long-time friends Howard and Pat York, Bill Hickey a lawyer in DC with his impressive daughter and me.

We all are proud of Corey and his well lived life.

Many thanks to our estimable classmate Tim Streb for sharing this about Corey Hart. Cappy

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