Dan Kimball '68 Chair

It’s now well over a year that we’ve all been living with Zoom.  If you’re tired of Zoom, you are certainly not alone.  Having worked remotely since 2008, I have made the transition from WebEx to Zoom and all versions in between.  I confess I will be overjoyed in September when the Senior Alumni Board will actually meet in person for the first time in two years. Mostly, though, I will be happy to finally meet the six Board members I’ve never seen, two of whom will be brand new. Let me formally announce and welcome Pat Scanlon ’78 (Midwest Region) and Augie Grace ’76 (Florida Region).

The latest victim of the COVID-19 year is Reunion. Once again, we will miss the opportunity to mingle will our classmates and chuckle at our attempts to recreate the best four years of our lives. But fear not for I am told that the induction of the new Fifty-Year Club members is being planned for this fall.

The University is quiet now, exams only a memory.  It is the memories that bind us. The great classes, victories in the stadium, and green beer on St Patrick’s Day all pale in comparison next to the people with whom we shared those four years.  It all just reminds me of the lyric of a country and western hit Toby Keith – “nights I’ll never remember; with friends I’ll never forget”. 

We senior alumni are a much a part of Our Lady’s University now as we were as students. We have survived the great pandemic of 2020 and will come out the other side ready to be an even greater Force for Good.

Hope to see you this fall….

Dan Kimball '68

Chairman, Notre Dame Senior Alumni Board

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