The very first story in Jack’s Journeys is about Joe Doherty, an ND Niles and ND classmate who is unfortunately home bound because of a neurological condition. But he and his lovely wife Susan live a good life in the wine country near Santa Barbara. I visited them every summer on my way north to Laguna Seca race track and encouraged other classmates to stop for wine country secrets.

Well recently I received an email from another ND Niles/UND classmate, Terry Kiwala. A partner in a Chicago law firm, Terry and his wife Carol (one hell of an organist) have a home in the Palm Desert area that they visit often. After a recent trip, Terry & Carol decided to head north to San Francisco to spend time with his buddy John Mangold. On the way, they took my advice and stopped in to visit Joe. His email mentions that “he still has a great sense of humor (and a great smile) which showed through all of his medical difficulties.” I encourage all of you to stop by as Joe won’t be able to travel to our 50th, but I’ve promised him a full audiovisual presentation of the event in 2016. Joe can be reached at; Terry at

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