Club update - May 2021:

First, I would like to extend my apologies for the radio-silence over the past year. The pandemic has presented challenges to all of us, and as a small, young alumni club, entirely composed of volunteers, working for this club has taken a backseat to other things. Working in healthcare has been incredibly consuming for me and it has limited the energy I have had for anything outside of work.

Going forward, we will need to look at how we, as a club, meet and participate in community. All activities will need to strictly follow governmental and NPHET guidance -- be that number of people, households, location of meeting, and masking. This will likely impact our recurring events, as many were in person and in public.

I am also conscious of our extended Notre Dame family here in Ireland. As places of worship are allowed to return to in person services, the Newman Church and Notre Dame - Newman Centre for Faith and Reason will slowly be reopening as well. With small gatherings and inter-county travel being allowed, the Kylemore Abbey has begun planning summer courses and retreats. The Global Gateway at the O'Connell House has kept close ties with our past students and interns, and we deeply hope to see undergraduate students returning in the future.

Finally, we as a club will need to look at our leadership and committee plans going forward. We have often struggled to maintain a leadership structure similar to small clubs in the USA; we now have a preliminary constitution and will need to revisit our previous leadership succession strategy.

As an ex-pat, the inability to travel has weighed heavily on me, as I imagine it has on everyone currently far from home. As borders and travel re-open, be mindful of rapidly changing regulations.

I deeply hope we can all safely gather soon. Be kind. Be safe.

~Liz Larkin
President of the Notre Dame Club of Ireland
(A copy of this notice is in the Forum as well - anyone with thoughts or suggestions is welcome to contribute)

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