Major Changes to Vaccination Appointments in Massachusetts as of March 12th

Beginning March 12th, the Commonwealth’s preregistration system will make it easier to request and schedule an appointment at one of the 7 mass vaccination locations. Eligible people can preregister for a COVID-19 vaccine appointment at mass vaccination locations only. More locations will be added to the system in April.

vaccine signup graphic

Once you sign up for preregistration, you’ll receive weekly status updates. You can opt out at any time if you find an appointment elsewhere.

Due to constrained federal supply, it will take several weeks to be notified about available appointments at mass vaccination locations. Once an appointment is available, you’ll be contacted with the opportunity to book the appointment and have 24 hours to accept it.

Register Here:  Mass Vaccination Registration.

For teachers, Massachusetts is designating four upcoming weekend days for administering COVID-19 vaccines to teachers, school staff and child care workers at the state's seven mass vaccination sites:

  • Saturday March 27
  • Saturday, April 3
  • Saturday, April 10
  • Sunday, April 11

Up to 25,000 first-dose appointments will be available across those dates.  Individuals who are eligible for these appointments will be required to use the new pre-registration system.

With such high demand for vaccine shots and not enough supply, the ND Boston Senior Alumni Group would like to share some hints and tips on getting a vaccine appointment.  The source of this information is from the March 2, 2021 Boston Globe.  Be persistent and stay safe!!!

1. Make sure you have at hand all the personal information you need before you start. You may have to try to register first to know what you need. The next time, have it all ready so you can sign up quickly.

2. Study the state’s map of vaccination sites and make a plan for where you’re willing to go. Check the websites of the individual vaccine providers such as CVS or Walgreens to see if they reveal when new appointments are released, so you can search on those days. The state’s mass vaccination sites release new appointments on Thursdays, for example.

3. Work at a computer if you can. If you can use multiple screens or multiple browsers, try several sites at once.

4. Look for Facebook groups in your area that pass along vaccine appointment availability.

5. Check in with your local senior center and/or board of health

6. As you sign up, be sure to read the fine print. Some sites limit eligibility to people from certain ZIP codes or have other restrictions. Make sure you’re eligible so you’re not turned away at the door.

7. When you get your first dose, don’t leave the site without signing up for the second dose — or knowing how you’re going to sign up.


The state’s vaccination finder:

The COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduling Resource Line: Dial 211

More detailed tips from Massachusetts COVID Vaccination Help:

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