Dear Friends and Fellow Alums,

Of all the calls I’ve gotten since the outbreak of the coronavirus, one that especially resonated was from my uncle, a retired Christian Brother, who will turn 93 in May.  As ever, Brother Tom was the one calling to make sure we were all okay and staying healthy. And, as ever, he had some thoughts to share. “It’s times like this,” he said, “that Jesus calls to us and says, 'follow me.' Our response is often a feeble 'where are you?' But if you listen closely it’s then you’ll hear, 'I am in your heart.'”

If there’s anything positive that has come from this, it’s the willingness to open our hearts and help others. We’ve seen such an outpouring of support for our seniors and displaced workers, for those who are cut off from family and friends, for businesses that rely on day-to-day customers to keep going.

Naturally, we’re disappointed that so many of our Club activities have been put on hold due to this health crisis. Just in March alone, we’ve had to cancel plans for our Hesburgh Lecture, ND Night with the NJ Devils and a Lenten prayer service. April was to bring our Accepted Student Reception and our UND Night Celebration – and now, both of those have been postponed. We will likely attempt a "virtual" accepted student event for parents and students to they can at least ask us questions about the University we all love.

One thing we will look to do is launch another major Bread of Life Drive. As challenging as it’s been for each of us to go shopping, it’s only been worse for many in our communities. We’re presently working on a plan to create drop-off centers for non-perishable goods and will have more on that as plans come together.

We thank everyone who has already registered for the new myND platform. For those who haven't, it's easy. Just go to There you can register for our club webpage and for any other ND Communities you want to join - just use the communities tab. This will ensure that you continue to receive important notes and other correspondence from us.

We still have several leadership committee openings to fill - a Spiritual Activities Director and Young Alum Coordinator. Each of these positions would require MAX 1 hour per week and your support is a must. Please contact me at if you are interested.

Finally, Deb is putting together a VIDEO to showcase the ND Club of Central NJ and is in need of quality pictures or video. If you have any pictures or video from events or ND activities (graduations, campus visits, family pics with an ND student) and don't mind sharing, please send to her at

We invite your continued prayers and support. Please visit FaithND, and please do remember all those who are on the front lines of fighting the COVID-19 crisis, as well as those who’ve been stricken and all their caregivers. We will come through this!

God, Country, Notre Dame!

Ed Caldwell '79, Club President

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