Feb 2021 - Welcome to the February 2021 Golden Domer

Jack Bergen '77 Acting Editor

As if the pandemic wasn’t enough to keep us inside, 2021 brings us lots of snow and freezing temperature across a large portion of the US. And to add insult to injury, the two in-person Reunion 2021 weekends scheduled for June have recently been cancelled.  

While we continue in our “bubbles’ and “cohorts”, social media and technology have replaced family gatherings and coffee/beer at the “local” (watching way too many British detective shows). Netflix is our new date-night entertainment, and apps like UberEATS and Drizzly are only one tap away on our mobile devices.

Even in these trying times, the one constant we have is our Senior Alumni community. We are blessed to have so many talented individuals as members, and a broad network of fellow alums to lean on. In one of this quarter’s articles, classmates come together to remember and pay tribute to one of their own. 

This edition also includes a Senior Spotlight of Dan Chesire ’69 from his modest beginnings at Boys Town to ND and beyond. 

With the season of Lent upon us, NDSA is hosting a Virtual Lenten Celebration from campus on Sunday March 14th at noon. This will be the perfect opportunity to join other alums for a mass and discussion afterwards. 

Also in this edition is the second installment of Project Real focused on “Education”. For this piece, we’ve brought together a mini-library of resources from campus (and other sources) for each of us to learn more about the challenges of racial and social discrimination, and how to be a better ally.  Also, learn more about ThinkND as a free repository of ND-based learning materials.

Finally, as you read the articles, below we wish you remain hopeful. Hope in the sense of multiple vaccines being distributed, economic relief for those that need it, and light at the end of the tunnel. 

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Jack Bergen ’77, Acting Editor

P.S. - We are always looking for interesting stories of fellow senior alums. If you know of someone to be featured in a future "Senior Spotlight", contact Jack Bergen at goldendomer@alumni.nd.edu.

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