Dan Kimball '68 Chair

The Notre Dame Senior Alumni are a genuine group and we have a voice at the Alumni Association table. I am told there are 53,000 of us, quite an impressive number.  In a large percentage of the Alumni clubs, seniors are the largest demographic.

So, it is difficult for me to get my arms around why so many clubs don’t have a Senior Alumni Coordinator (SAC).  While it is true that the smaller clubs are more likely to be without a SAC, even some of our larger clubs find it hard to recruit and retain a SAC. Now I will do a bit of unabashed proselytizing as to why you should think about being a SAC.


Reason 1 – You get to be in charge: The single most common reason I hear about why alumni don’t participate in their club is that "the club just doesn’t do anything I’m interested enough in for me to invest my time".  As a SAC, you would get to be part of the team that chooses what the club does.  Too many happy hours and not enough options during the day? Don’t blame the club, become a SAC.  Academic lectures on ancient Egypt just too boring? Become a SAC and replay the talks from the Klau Center on anti-racist vocabulary. I guarantee you they are not boring.

Reason 2 – The club president needs help: I have yet to hear from a single club president that they didn’t want help in some aspect of their duties. The club leadership team works hard to meet the needs of their members, but remember that age alone segments our membership.  What the young alumni seek is often quite different from what the seniors look for, and the group in the middle tries to fit the club in around youth sports and yard maintenance. Reducing the president’s burden by being an active SAC will win you a friend for life.

Reason 3 – You just might meet an old friend:  People move and relocate for all sorts of reasons and seniors actually move more than one might think. That person who lived down the hall from you junior year just might live across town now. And then there are those friends you meet for the first time who just happen to remember campus the way you do. People who think fondly about varsity basketball in the old Field House, or the joy of a winning season. Maybe the pain of a really cold winter.

We can all use more friends, and being a SAC is pretty much guaranteed to get you a bunch.  So please check in with your club and step up.  The rewards will far outweigh whatever time you put in. There are no minimums, all help is appreciated.

If you have any questions, check out the SAC role description, reach out to your regional Senior Alumni Board Member or give me a shout at ndsa.chair@alumni.nd.edu.

Editor's Correction:  

Please accept our apology for misspelling Pokagon in the November Chair's Corner.   

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