Feb 2021 - ThinkND Offers a Wide Variety of Free Learning Events with Notre Dame Faculty

Maybe you’ve heard of ThinkND. Maybe someone has mentioned that they joined one of ThinkND’s Notre Dame Book Clubs in London, Rome, or Ireland, or someone else mentioned that they’re excited to explore a new ThinkND series on world religions.


“What is ThinkND?” you might ask, and, “Should I check it out?”


Hosted by the Notre Dame Alumni Association, ThinkND is an open, online learning community that brings Notre Dame faculty to its alumni, parents, and friends around the world. ThinkND offers virtual communities and live digital events — all at absolutely no cost. “Travel” internationally in one of several book clubs; discuss the relationship between Christianity and Islam; study poverty and inequality; and learn from industry and University leaders. These are just a few of the opportunities offered on ThinkND.


Muffett McGraw & "Mayor" Pete

In the fall of 2020, ThinkND hosted more than 60 live virtual events with more than 6,000 attendees discussing topics ranging from the political divide to C-suite leadership, from COVID-19 to data science, and so much more. More than 50 faculty members — representing each of Notre Dame’s colleges and schools — and more than 65 industry leaders, from former women’s basketball coach Muffet McGraw to former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, shared their expertise and perspectives.


While those discussions are still available on ThinkND, even more is in store for 2021.


In the coming months, you can join the conversation on topics that appeal to your head or inspire your heart. No matter what you studied, when you studied, where you live, or where you work, you can join and leave any series as your interest and time allows.


Each of these upcoming series and communities allow you to dive into a theme over the course of several weeks through short, on-demand videos (often just five minutes or less!) and articles to better understand and take part in the live virtual meetings and events. These interactive events provide opportunities for the attendees to ask questions of faculty and experts, and often allow for participants to break out into groups to discuss these topics with each other.


Because ThinkND is a global community — individuals from over 70 countries have taken part in a ThinkND offering — you may find yourself discussing Dante with somebody from Rome or world religions with somebody in Jerusalem.


Join Live Or At Your Leisure - ThinkND is available to you anytime, anywhere. If you can’t attend a live event, they are recorded and shared on ThinkND’s website, YouTube channel, and the newly launched podcast.


Stay Connected - To stay up-to-date on ThinkND offerings and notified when new series are launched, subscribe to the weekly digest.




Join Other Alums This Semester. ThinkND Promises an Inspiring Lineup!


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Coming in March & April:

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