Tutoring at St. Cecilia Catholic School: A Dallas Legacy Continues

The University of Notre Dame incites within its students and alumni the mission of being a force for good in the world. Responding to the University’s mission, the Notre Dame Club of Dallas took action.


Beginning in the late nineties, the Club began a tutoring program benefitting a local Catholic school, St. Cecilia. Initially, two Club members, Jon Rakow and George Bienfang, coached the school’s Odyssey of the Mind Team. Their assistance in the education of these young minds grew into an overarching tutoring program to assist the school. Limited by the technology of the time, the dedicated members of the Notre Dame Club of Dallas sought other means to schedule and coordinate the tutoring sessions. The Club made weekly phone calls, printed fliers, and even used business cards to recruit volunteers for the tutoring program. These tutors would be assigned to students at St. Cecilia and follow a designated lesson plan provided by the pupil’s teacher. Club members created a student safety structure and enacted the use of student evaluation forms following each session for the teachers’ benefit. The safety procedures and evaluation forms are still in practice today.


Although the format of the Club’s tutoring program has evolved, the mission remains the same. The Notre Dame Club of Dallas, in partnership with St. Cecilia principal Lydia Torres, continues to more wholly educate and enrich the minds and hearts of the next generation at St. Cecilia Catholic School. The Notre Dame Club of Dallas is excited and dedicated to continuing the partnership and fostering the growth of the St. Cecilia Catholic School students into the future. In order to learn about our virtual tutoring opportunities in 2021, please contact Alan Anthony at alantietz@gmail.com.

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