Welcome and Thank you to the Newsletter Production Team

In the October edition, I put a call to recruit a team of alumnae interested in writing, editing, and researching for this quarterly newsletter. Over 20 volunteers responded from myriad graduation years and from around the world. As a new editor trying out a new approach, I am so grateful for their collective patience, guidance, and excellence for this first team-produced edition. (Of course, it's always taken a village, and former editors enlisted the help of trusted, capable, but less formal, networks.) 

So a big welcome and a huge thank you to these alumnae who gave loads of their time and talent, during a pandemic holiday season, no less, to craft the stories in this edition. If you are interested in joining our volunteer corps, email me at ndwc.newsletter@alumni.nd.edu.

Cathy O'Donnell '75 MA
Eileen Daday '77
Erin Schneeman '80
Jill Johnson Boutros '88
Julia Briscoe '93 Law
Kristin Bibbs '93
Amy Ehrman Boehme '99
Sarah Daly '05
Amy (Waclawik) Flynn '06
Danielle Webber Kelleher '06
Maria Finan '14, '16 MA
Elise Boratenski '15
Miranda Madrid '15
Sherry Zhong '16
Maura Boston '17
Jessie Wurzer '17
Emily Patton '19
Kaylyn Curran '19
Catherine Truluck '20
Mary Bernard '20

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