Nov 2020 - Welcome to the Year-End Issue of the Golden Domer

Joe Hornett '76, Editor

I hope that you take note that this is the year-end a.k.a. final issue of the Golden Domer for 2020.  This reflects a change in how the issues are normally titled or released.  But I suspect many of us do, in fact, want to close the curtain on 2020 due to the ongoing pandemic coupled with a divisive atmosphere that seems to permeate most daily activites.  Suffice it to's been one helluva year.

At the same time we find ouselves on the cusp of the holidays, particularly Advent characterized by a sense of anticipation and preparation.  In that regard as we await and prepare anew for the anniversary of Our Savior's birth, we all look forward to 2021 when so many things from this past year will hopefully be put behind us.

In this issue's Looking Back segment you'll find a story about Knute Rockne.  We all know how he and Gus Dorais perfected the forward pass while both served as lifeguards at Cedar Point Amusement Park on the shores of Lake Erie.  But Rockne also completed a "pass" of another kind...a pass that was truly life changing.

NDSA kicks off our God, Country, Notre Dame Signature Event Series featuring unique and engageing events each quarter starting with a special Veterans Day video of five ND grads who went on to distinguished military careers.

The Senior Spotlight segment focuses on John McDonald-O'Lear from the Class of 1978 and how he has much in common with the retirement activities of Father Ted Hesburgh and Father Ned Joyce.

The 2020 Masters Tournament just concluded, but you'll find an article detailing how it is not too late to support the NDSA's God, Country, Notre Dame Scholarship Fund while landing an all expense-paid trip for two to the 2021 Masters Tournament.

NDSA Operations Officer Cindy Lupica '80 kicks off Project REAL with her thoughts on Reflection as racial and social injustice continues to impact our country.

And finally, a new segment is launched...the Chair's Corner authored by NDSA Board Chair Dan Kimball from the Class of 1968.

Asking Our Lady's continued blessing on the University that we love and bears Her name...and on each and every one of us...

Joe Hornett '76, Editor

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