Clubs Team: Things to Know (our network has grown, a new C, and more!)

Nov 19, 2020

News from our Domestic Clubs Network

  • There are now 224 (instead of 223) domestic clubs! Abbey is working with volunteers in Puerto Rico to revitalize the club, and although they will get support from their International peers, they will part of the Florida region and the domestic network. 
  • There is a New "C"!:  We have introduced Career Connections as a new C during the Regional Teleconferences this Fall. Career Connections will replace Communications as a C in 2021. The need for a new C came out of the Club Review to better serve and provide more pertinent programming for our alumni, parents, and friends. We (the NDAA) provide resources, programs, and services to support alumni in their careers. Many alumni and friends look to the University for information and assistance when it comes to their professional lives. They also look to the clubs who play a key role in making career connections through networking and other professional development.  Programming and event ideas can be found now on ClubHub. More event ideas and information related to the Program of Excellence will be shared in the near future. 
  • Football Ticket Allocations for 2021: We are in the midst of the Football Ticket Allocation survey process for clubs, classes and groups.  If you get questions, the survey is due on Monday, Novmeber 30 and allocations will be sent to clubs/classes/groups in January 2021. GO IRISH!
  • Clubs Team Newsletter: You all should have recieved the November issue of the newsletter today. December's newsletter will be sent to club leaders on Thursday, December 17.  If you have items to share with the club network, please let us know ( by Friday, December 11.

A Shout-Out of thanks! to the Marketing Team for the new ClubHub branding!

Happy Thanksgiving! Ellie, Abbey & Kiran

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