Dan Kimball '68

Hi – I’m Dan Kimball, ’68, St Ed’s Hall, and a member of every ND band back in middle 60’s. For the next three years I am the Chair of the Senior Alumni Board, and your voice on the Notre Dame Alumni Association Board of Directors.

It is my intention to use this space each issue, to be an unabashed proponent of the Board’s efforts to keep all of you engaged. Veteran’s Day is special to many of us whose lives have been forever impacted in one way or another by Viet Nam and other conflicts throughout the decades.  I hope you have seen and enjoyed the special video we prepared for Veteran’s Day. If not, it will remain available on the NDSA You Tube Channel. You might even remember a face or two as all four of the on-screen folks are ND grads. I want to specifically thank John Hickey ‘69 and Mike Schnaus ’75 for their off-screen help in the production.

I recently spoke with Anthony Holt, who chairs the Native American Alumni Board, to discuss the Columbus mural and where things stand today.  Short answer is that the mural is not going anywhere. It is covered by tapestry that is both eye-catchingly beautiful and most importantly meaningful to the members of the Kohagan Band of the Potawatomi Tribe. If you aren’t familiar with the Potawatomi and their relationship to the University, Holt suggests reading an old 2017 article from the Notre Dame Magazine entitled Passing of Ancestral Lands.

To address the ongoing issues of racial and social injustice the NDSA has started what we call Project REAL (Reflection, Education, Action and Love). This issue of the Golden Domer looks at Reflection and offers some ideas on the subject. The next issue will talk to Education and so on throughout the year.

I couldn’t write this without saying something about Covid-19 and its impact on our Board. Half of the Regional Directors are new this year and I am still waiting to meet them in person. We will be selecting a new Regional Director for the Florida region sometime after the first of the year a three year term starting July 1, 2021.  If you are interested in representing Florida on the board, nominations are now open.  The position description and nomination form are available on the NDSA web site here.

If you’ve never attended the Masters Golf Tournament here is your chance. We are selling only 200 hundred chances to win two patrons passes to the 2021 Masters, along with other goodies for a mere $100 (total package worth ~$9,000).  Raffle tickets can be purchased at 2021 Masters Raffle through Thursday December 3rd - noon EST.

So, allow me end with a pun – hopefully we will all master how to operate in the pandemic without traveling as we zoom forward.

Dan Kimball ‘68


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