Jack's Journeys & Journals (41)

For the past 30 years I’ve spent much of my summers traveling to 70+ racetracks across North America and Europe promoting my automotive clients, such as Pirelli tires and Brembo brakes. The Toy Shop, as my four sons call my “work,” is part of the reasons why I didn’t retire until recently, but it’s also why I’m writing this column.

The column is also meant to energize you to send in your own stories and photos.  We don’t expect you to be as prolific as Cappy or myself; we’re story tellers.  But we do know from talking with you at reunions and football tailgaters that you have stories to tell as well, so get started and email us and we’ll get them on the web for you.

For the past few years I’ve used my travels to reconnect with Irish classmates from Laguna Seca near San Francisco to Daytona Beach.  Following is a chronological list of these travel stories in the "Jack's Journeys" section of this web site.

The Military at Notre Dame, 9/11/21

Knute Rockne's 90th Celebration Video, 9/4/21

Happy 34th Anniversary, Sully & Kim, 7/5/21

ND Breaks Ground for New Raclin Murphy Museum of Art, 5/3/21

Retro Super Bowl by Bill Dwyre, 4/1/21

New Book: The Nightlighters, 1/31/21

Tommy Lasorda Appreciation, 1/12/21

Notre Dame Football Sets Record With Spring GPA, Tops Other Major Programs, 6/21/20

Terry Kiwala, Jerusalem, 3/15/18

Terry Kiwala, Holy Land, 3/15/17

Barry Lopez, Oregon, 3/5/17

Don Umhofer, San Luis Obispo, CA, 3/1/17

Wall of Fame, ND Niles, IL, 2/3/17

Joe Doherty’s Internment, ND, 9/9/16 (No pic)

Tom Bergen, ND, 6/6/16

Bill Dwyre, Costa Mesa, CA, 4/12/16

Terry Kiwala, Cesarea, Israel, 4/11/16

Joe Doherty’s Memorial, 4/2/16

Rockne’s 85th Anniversary, 3/31/16

Stan Kaminski, Costa Mesa, CA, 3/5/16

Bill Dwyre’s Last Column, 11/26/15

Shamrock Game, Fenway Park, 11/21/15

Joe Yonto, South Bend, 8/4/15

Jerry Erbach, Kandy, Sri Lanka, 6/15

Terry Kiwala, St. Andrew’s, Scotland, 5/15

Brady Sims, Scottsdale, AZ, 11/8/14

Glenn Man, ND, 9/5/14

Loboy & Reali, Portland, OR, 7/5/14

Terry Kiwala, Santa Ynez, CA, 4/14

Dolly Duffy, Shamrock Game in Texas, 10/4-6/13

DeFrance, Neihengen, Riviello & Rush, ND, 9/27-29/13

ND Dons, Chicago, 5/30/13

Bob Basche, Norwalk, CT, 4/13

Tom Trebat, Rio de Janiero, Brazil, 11/4/12

Fifty & Counting, ND Niles, IL, 10/11-12/12

Tom Gorman & Friends, Atlanta, GA, 8/28/12

Ray Neihengen, LAX & Tahiti, 4/18/12

Tom Begley, St. Petersburg, FL, 3/24/12

Jerry Erbach, Sanibel Island, FL, 3/22/12

Terry Casey, Malibu, CA, 2/25/12

Don Stevens, Scottsdale, AZ, 1/20/12

AF Game, 10/8/11

Harry Carey’s O’Hare, 10/6/11

Joe Doherty, Santa Ynez, CA, 7/25/11

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