Good times on campus for USC. Rich Sauget, from St. Louis, Jim Smith from Lancaster and Pat McRedmond of Nashville were also there, but we never caught up. Rich has numerous successful business ventures, one of which is called The Perfect Mound, an artificial pitching mound., which he invented. It is catching on in baseball around the country and getting rave reviews. George Bernard was in for the VA game and attended a lecture on neuroscience and asked the prof about the Pete Duranko Fund, which the prof had not heard about.

Bob Schmitt of Burbank CA noted that Gary Kohs, who was mentioned in the last issue, started the ND Sports Car Club and ran the Sports Car Spectacular in Stepan Center. John McCormick sent word from Tulsa that he attended a Marine Corps squadron reunion and that Walsh roomie Jim Davey drove in from Myrtle Beach to catch up. Residents of Chicago may have noted that John Buck’s 9.600 square-foot luxury apartment in the Windy City was up for sale. John has been hitting it out of the park in real estate for years.

Class President Cap Gagnon heard from John Gorman, who had a 30-year career with the US Treasury and now divides time between Seattle and the foothills outside of town. John Flatley, Hank Schlacter and Bernie Van Etten attended the New Mexico game on campus. I heard that Mike Reich, who left ND senior year to join the Air Force, resides in Luray VA following a career with the US Export-Import Bank. Charlie Nigro lives in Kansas City and connected with Tom Meurer, who lives on Long Boat Key, for the NCAA Women’s Final Four. They met up with Mark Mahaffey at halftime.

Bill Hickey wrote that he shared dinner with Jay Hickey, Marty Tierney, Tom Plunkett and Tom Beali. Marty is involved with his brothers in Taft Street Vineyards in Sonoma. Jay retired from the American Horse Council. Tom B retired from the US Government and his role at the Agency in Langley. Tom P lives in Fairfax. Bill is retired after 44 years as a civil trial lawyer in DC and Maryland. Bill saw Mike Cunningham, who is consulting with property developers in the Boston area.

Ann and Guy Williams have relocated to Baltimore after 45 years in New Orleans, where he was an internist and addictionologist. They wanted to be close to their son. Guy is trying to connect with his roomie Bruce Walthers and has been in touch with John Fry, who had a distinguished career in medicine at UW Madison.

Jay Rini wrote that he is suffering from incurable cancer and wanted to update mates on his life and career.  Jay worked a lawyer for the State Department in DC and one of his assignments was final disposition of the dead from the Jamestown massacre. He also did duty in Rome before retiring in 2004. He spends time in Afghanistan and lives part time in Tuscany. He’s been married for 50 years and has two sons. Jay says life has been incredibly good for him.

The class necrology continues to grow. Jim Gallagher, successful attorney on Long Island, passed away late last summer. Paul Coogan and others sent word of Jim’s demise. I saw Jim several times since graduation and he was a personable, gregarious fellow who will be missed by many. Tim Malloy, of Burr Ridge IL, passed away in early September. Tim co-founded one of the country’s leading intellectual property law firms and became recognized as one of the world’s finest patent attorneys. He served as lead counsel in numerous litigations and argued before the US Supreme Court.

Also, I heard that Ed Hugetz recently lost his wife Donna. Ed had a 40-year career at Houston U and continues to engage in his passion, film editing. Webmaster’s Note: Vincent Beckman of Chicago passed on 7/24/19; Gary Fishburn of Rocky River OH on 10/4/19; and David Hacker of Iowa City IA on 9/20/19.

Some mates are expressing interest in a formal 55th reunion. Let Cap or me know, we sold our Martha’s Vineyard vacation home and acquired one in Mashpee, Cape Cod. It happens to be on a 27-hole golf course and the shopping and health care are much better on the Cape. That’s the news that’s fit to print for this edition. Be well and Go Irish!

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