Apologies. Recent developments led to a briefer column herein, as opposed to my last time. I recently retired after 53 years laboring in the fundraising vineyards and have been busy selling our Baltimore area home and considering our next move, possibly relocating to our Cape Cod retreat. I may end up consulting as I can’t imagine totally kicking back.


Minch Lewis out of Syracuse and Pat McRedmond down Nashville way have dialogue going with Prez Cappy Gagnon regarding our 55threunion next June, assuming the COVID-19 situation will allow us to gather. Cap will run point on the event, with help and suggestions from many of you. Cap sent word that Jon Spoelstra, former NBA exec and father of current Miami Heat coach Erik. Has a book out: Get Your Ideas Approved. Jon was a communications art major with Cap and me and went on to become a marketing genius with such a great rep that his services were once traded for an NBA player. I connected with Jon when we were in Buffalo in the late 1970s, when he was with the short-lived Buffalo NBA team and I was at Children’s Hospital.


Cap says that Doug Ford recently shot his age (76) on the golf course and Cap keeps in touch with Floridians Jack Pavlic and Dean Planeaux, while having heard from John Driscoll, along with Bob Downs and George Bernard, both of whom have distinguished careers in health care.

Micky Quinn reminded that Arunas Vasys and Nick Eddy were in Keenan, not Stanford, as I had reprised in my last missive. I saw some email between Dick Martiny in Ellicott City MD and Mike Rush of South Bend, comparing notes.


There is more sad news to relate: Pete Riehm passed on and I heard from his family but misplaced the details in my shuffle to retire. I remember Pete well from Pangborn; he was a great guy. If his family reads this, please re-send the specifics. Also on to his eternal reward is Brian BoyceJohn Flatley and Cap shared memories of Brian as a super nice guy and bartender in the Senior Bar, then on to a successful Navy career, largely in Long Beach, before retiring to a Norfolk firm that taught Naval officers how to drive ships. Finally word that Joe Marbaugh left us as well. No details arrived. Webmaster’s Note: William F. Rohlin passed away on 6/28/20 in Jackson MI according to NDAA.


One personal memory: upon leaving ND, I went to Syracuse U to obtain an MS in TV-radio in the Newhouse School of Communications. I landed an RA position and ended up in Sadler Hall, where a lot of athletes lived, and where I was proud to show the ND colors. NFL great Larry Csonka was married at the time but was a regular visitor with his Orange teammates. Future NFL Hall of Famer Floyd Little, a great fellow, lived there. The other running back residing across the hall from me was Tom Coughlin, who, as we all know, had a stellar coaching career with BC, the New York Giants, etc. To cap it off, Jim Boeheim was my fellow RA. The environment was quite a contrast to the ND culture. Remember: illegitimi non carborundum, don’t let the bastards grind you down.


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