Thanks for your reply.  You are, without doubt, the most amazing chronicler of bands from ND, near ND, and performing AT ND!


Thanks for this info.


Interesting that Lynch worked at Universal at one time.  My home in L.A. (formerly owned by Bela Lugosi) was walking distance to Universal Studio.  When I volunteered to work patrol shifts for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, we would occasionally go over to Universal, which is a county “island” within the city of Los Angeles.  Telly Savalas always parked his big Caddy in the no parking area in front of the University City Hilton (or Sheraton) where he lived.


Also it’s interesting that Lynch lived in Tigard, Or.  I had never heard of this town until Braden Lenzy enrolled at ND.


BTW, my Senior Year at ND, I lived in the Alou Motel, the first motel ever built in Roseland.  I was the night manager (3-11) five days a week, while also taking 17 hours of class, with Bash and Tony.  I also lived at the motel during my four summers of grad school, while I was a high school English Teacher/Baseball Coach.  One evening, the owner of the hotel, who lived above the office, threw out a guest who brought some pals in and had a loud party.  I was not on duty.  He told me about it the next afternoon.  He said “The guy told me he was a singer”.  I asked “What was his name?”  He said Tommy James.  You are undoubtedly quite aware that Tommy James and The Shondells were from Niles.


And, I believe I told you that when I was in charge of all the juvenile delinquency prevention programs for the City of South Bend, one of my staff was Ben Nicks…….brother of Billy “Stix” Nicks.  Here’s a couple items from his obit:  


He began playing drums in 1953, when he was a junior at Central High School, where he also acquired the “Stix” nickname from his lifelong friend Jackie Ivory because of his habit of carrying his sticks with him everywhere he went.  With saxophonist Junior Walker, Nicks formed The Rhythm Rockers in 1954. After he served in the Army and played with jazz musician Oscar “Baby” Jones and with Jackie Ivory and the Gents of Soul, Nicks joined Walker’s All Stars.


I may have told you that one of my former staffers created the South Bend ethnic festival, a wonderful community event that went on for 20+ years.  My first year back at ND, 1995, I went to one of their evenings of entertainment and the singing group was South Bend’s own Riviera’s.  Ironically, they, like Lafayette and LaSabres, were named after a Buick!  Most of the Riviera’s were also from South Bend Central High School, one of the premier high schools of Indiana…….and an ND Football opponent, in 1892---the sixth game in our history.


I’ve probably told you about being pals in L.A. with Donnie Brooks and Ron Holden---two GREAT guys.


I may have also told you that when I toured with Cher, the driver of our Tour Bus was “Hoot” Borden.  He had been a drummer for one of my favorite country singers-----Ernest Tubb.  Hoot lived quite a life:




BORDEN, James G. "Hoot" Age 73 of Lebanon, TN. Died Sunday, May 2, 2010. Hoot was a cowboy and a drummer and a story teller. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army serving during the Korean War. Hoot was also a member of Ernest Tubb and the Texas Troubadours, the Country Music Hall of Fame and was a Sumner County sheriff's deputy. He has been a driver for the entertainment industry for almost 50 years and has been the subject of many music industry publications.



Finally, twice I went to dive bars---REAL dive bars---in South Bend to see country singers.  The first time was around 1965.  The singer was Tommy Cash, younger brother of the Man in Black.  The second time was around 10 years later.  This bar had been the scene of fights and shootings.  I went because for a $3 cover charge, I could see a guy who had a hit that I really liked.  I saw him again last year, a mere 44 years later.  Here’s the guy and his biggest hit---I bought his album and had him autograph it:


Narvel Felts Reconsider Me 1977 - YouTube

www.youtube.com › watch


Video for narvel felts reconsider me youtube



Narvel Felts performing "Reconsider Me" live on Pop! Goes the Country in 1977.

May 24, 2020 · Uploaded by rlitt99



Go Irish!




P.S.  Don’t forget that Tony Andrea sang “Abilene” better than George Hamilton IV.  Basche was the chick magnet however.  Best known for creating the term “Breakfast at Wimbledon”, he won an Emmy.  Bash was the first P.R. Director of the Women’s PGA, but has never provided me with any golf tips.


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Thanks Cappy for checking in.  I was not previously aware of Lafayette And The LaSabres.  I looked into them and found out that Lafayette Yarbrough was from Mississippi and formed his band in the Flint, MI area-hence the "Buick City" inspired name.  It's a wonder that they landed in Niles for the time at Shula's.  I found a well-recorded version of their 45 "Free Way" on Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T921a9RSqZI


In other music news, we lost KC Lynch of the Winds and Webster's New Word back in September. I have attached his obit that just appeared in The Oregonian and some photos from his surviving widow Sally who wished this info to be shared with those at Notre Dame or associated with the University.  I believe he was in the ND class of '64. 




On Mon, Oct 5, 2020 at 9:09 PM Cappy Gagnon <cappygagnon@comcast.net> wrote:

For a couple years (senior year and first year of summer grad school), I used to go to Shula’s Night Club in Niles.

They had a GREAT dance band which appeared there.  I want to say that their name was Lafayette and the Sabers, or something like that.

Ever hear of them?


KC Lynch Obituary_.pdfKC Lynch with camera on ferry.jpegKC Lynch-Roses.jpeg

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