Despite the COVID chaos, life continues to be full and active for many in the ‘66 cohort. There is still spunk in them thar hearts and bones. You may have read in the last issue of ND Magazine about our distinguished B. “Pat” Bauer, who retired after 50 years in the Indiana legislature. Congrats BPB on a job well done.


I heard from Tony Rivizzigno in Syracuse NY, where he practices municipal law. Talk about coincidence: Tony was watching his grandson Ben play club lacrosse when his daughter mentioned that the father of the woman standing next to her went to ND. It was Jane Flynn, daughter of my old roomie and our dear departed friend, former AD Mike Wadsworth. Tony notes that Emmett Flynn is the image of Mike. Tony is in touch with Bob Lombardo, now retired from his GI med practice in the Hamptons. 


Speaking of the good old days, George Bernard reminded class leader Cap Gagnon that Wads and I lived in 102 Stanford frosh year, a regular stopping-off point for many on their way to and from dinner. Among those living in our immediate “hood” were Tom Callahan, Ben Campbell, Pete Palumbo, Ben Nelson, Jim Murphy, Tom Belden, and Tony Andrea. Also in Stanford that year as roomies were Nick Eddy and Arunas Vasys, fellow PA fullbacks Jim Smithand the late great Pete Duranko, along with future barristers Phil Sheridan and Bob Meeker. On a sad note, Bob, still living and practicing law in Akron OH, lost his wife of 40 years, Mary, in late February after a long battle with Alzheimer’s. She had an incredible career in nursing, including caring for Alzheimer’s patients.


Cap reports that on a recent campus walk he ran into SB transplant Mike Rush, who became disoriented after leaving Beantown...trying to find the Prudential Building. Cap notes that pal Frank Duncan, living in Massachusetts, is having vision problems but remains sharp and in touch with many friends.


Art Frigo, the tallest 66er, reported that he continued to play basketball in parks and rec and industrial leagues following graduation and ultimately became a marathoner. Bob Basche reported that he and fellow Nitelighter Tony Andrea are funning it with a new production company, Syngificant Prod. To date they’ve produced an NFL tailgate cooking show for CBS and plan a series of nine-ball pool events on TBS. 


Pat and Dick Frey have fled to Lenexa KS, where Dick is permitted to sing bass as part of a folk group at Mass. Dick sent the sad news of the sudden passing of Dr. Ralph Boyd in Pensacola, where he had led the county health dept. One of the few African Americans in our class, Ralph was in the Glee Club and always had a smile on his face. 


I caught up with a Greg Rust out of Greenburg IN, who’s still plying his trade in financial planning. He’s in touch with Paul Mayeux, also a broker, in Charlotte, and the now-retired Pat McRedmond in Music City. Greg recalls spirited shaving cream fights in BP with the folks above and the late Jim Phelan and Jim Gallagher. Word is that Bill Wentworth winters with his lady friend in Naples and summers at his Bloomfield Village mansion, to which he welcomes all comers.


Alan Loboy is out Oregon way after a fulfilling career as a teacher, coach and administrator. Chuck Reali lived across the Columbia River in Washington from Loboy for years but now is in Marston MO rehabbing a failing smelter. He will be closer to ND, where his granddaughter will enroll in the fall. Skip Medina of Houston is active with the local ND club. Bob “Ozzie” Schwartz of Nashville is passing on his printing business to his son. Webmaster Jack Gerkenreminds us that the class website is in transition and should be workable by fall.


That’s all folks. Aim high, go long and stay positive. 


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