Dream Now - Travel Later!

A Message from our Travel Director

I know I am not alone when I share how much I miss traveling right now. I miss the thrill of visiting a new destination, the amazement of experiencing new cultures, and (most of all) the friendships forged along the way. 

Travel is not only a way to discover new lands and cultures, but a unique chance for wonderful people with similar interests who otherwise might not have met to share experiences with one another. You — our travelers and guests — are the ones who make this all so special. Together we share laughter, tell stories, make friends, and create memories that last a lifetime.

There are lots of memories yet to create, but since we can’t travel together quite yet, please join me in dreaming about the future. Our 2021 trips have been added to this site. Let’s all keep travel alive in our hearts and minds; just think how much more we'll appreciate it once it returns. We can't wait to travel with you again!

Be well, stay safe, keep in touch, and Go Irish!

Christa LeeVan
Travel Program Director

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