by Sarah Sobczak Hutchinson '06

Notre Dame grads don’t stop learning when we leave campus, and the Alumni Association has recently launched an exciting new resource to propel our journeys as lifelong learners.

ThinkND is an online learning community that connects you with videos, podcasts, articles, courses, and other resources on topics from faith and politics to science, technology, and your career. Partners from every corner of campus have contributed content to inspire, challenge, and stimulate.

Perhaps the best news for alumnae? This is learning you can do on the go. We’re talking about time commitments measured in minutes, not hours.

Browse ThinkND by topics like Art & History or Global Affairs — or try searching by a specific subject, department, or faculty member.

Want to learn more about football rankings and measuring efficiency? Check out an episode of the podcast “With a Side of Knowledge,” hosted by Provost Office’s Ted Fox. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to get to Saturdays with the Saints on game day – now you can access the entire lecture series, as well as other on-campus favorites like the Mendoza Speaker Series and many more.

Need some practical career advice? Queue up “Top Tips For Exceptional Cover Letters.” In the mood for music? Listen to J. J. Wright, the director of the Notre Dame Folk Choir, talk about his new album, prayer, and sacred music. Curious about art history? Wondering what experts have to say about the world’s most pressing problems? ThinkND has you covered.

Try the Big Questions program if you’re looking to explore a topic in more depth. The first course in the program, What Makes a Life Good?, debuted this fall and features content from God and the Good Life, Notre Dame's innovative philosophy course designed and developed by Professor Meghan Sullivan and Dr. Paul Blaschko. Take this digital micro-course – which includes short videos (5 minutes!), recommended readings (a few paragraphs!), and discussion topics – at your own pace and learn from Notre Dame’s engaging and expert faculty.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for the newsletter today and get a curated list with three pieces of content delivered to your inbox each week. This year, inspire your mind and spark conversations with ThinkND.

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