Our Hearts Forever: Sharing the Journey of Faith & Action

For many of us, experiences with spirituality and service at Notre Dame are cherished memories that continue to inspire us today. NDWC is excited to announce a new opportunity for ND women to connect together around these essential components of our Notre Dame experience.

This month NDWC is launching Our Hearts Forever, a shared spirituality & service theme that invites ND women to journey together through formation, reflection, and outreach. The theme for 2020 will focus on Catholic Social Teaching about the Life & Dignity of the Human Person.

Throughout the year we’ll share a variety of tools - on NDWC’s Facebook page every month and in this newsletter each quarter - to invite individual alumnae and NDWC groups to learn, pray, and act on the theme. And of course we’ll have the opportunity to interact with each other, sharing experiences and perspectives, in the Facebook group.  

We begin our exploration of teaching on the Life & Dignity of the Human Person with this brief video, and invite you to watch it to learn more about the topic we will delve into together this year. We hope you’ll go to the NDWC Facebook page in February for the next installment.

Not on Facebook? Don't worry. Watch for an article in each NDWC newsletter that will recap the content from each quarter.

Throughout this year, we look forward to learning more from the ND alumnae family about your spirituality & service interests. Your feedback will inform the future of Our Hearts Forever, and we hope it can grow and adapt as a valuable resource for ND women.

Please feel free to direct any questions or ideas to ndwc.spirituality@alumni.nd.edu.

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