The campus looked great on my three visits for games last fall.  During my MSU jaunt, I saw Cap Gagnonactually sitting in a stadium seat and able to enjoy the win for the first time in many a year, instead of presiding over the numerous aspects of organizing and executing game day in ND stadium.  

There were still good vibrations following our 45th on campus in June.  Glen Rey, who was on hand, reports very positive news on the medical front, with his therapy taking good hold.  John Berges wrote following the festivities that he had caught up earlier with Jack Delahanty, who is retired in Brockport NY.  John Flatley reports that he connected with John Gambs, a lawyer living in Lafayette IN collecting old cars and fire engines, including one from the old ND firehouse.  JG was Bob Plank’s roomy frosh and soph years and was a member of the Irish Guard.  Flats is working on him for the 50th.  Jim Blum sent word that he loved Fr. Ted’s line at our class dinner – “Thank you for your lives.”  Jim related that Terry Kiwala is still practicing law and residing in Lake Forest, IL.  Jack Gerken is spearheading a gathering of the 35 Notre Dame of Niles, IL graduates for their 50th high school reunion next year.  Jack G has communicated that Ray Neihengen has agreed to chair the event, assisted by John Devona, former VP of marketing for United Airlines; Ron Schmidt who recently retired from Illinois tool Works; and Alan Loboy, now living in Portland, OR and serving as a high school principal and coach.  Jack says the ND Niles group also foundChuck Reali out Portland way where he is retired.  Jack saw Jerry Erbach at the AF game.  Jerry was on campus to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps, in which he served in places like Tunisia, Morocco and Mongolia.  Most recently, Jerry, who was in the Glee Club, served as an architectural consultant in Haiti after the earthquake. 

Important item: Jack G is taking the lead in creating an interactive Class of ’66 website, which will be able to accept real time news, information, photos, video, etc.  Jack, Cappy and I are collaborating with University folks to try and launch the site.  If you want to start sending material my way or Cappy’s way, feel free to do so.  I will have more specifics in the next column.  Jack will be our Webmaster, at least at the outset.  Isn’t 21st century technology wonderful?  

Others spotted at our June soiree included Mike Grohman, Max Graham, Denny Corrigan, Tom Belden, Doug Snider, Jim Stanton, Paul Walker, Harry Terhune, Dan Rooney, and Ted Meinert, among others.  Mike Houk called from Indy to report that Frank Malley died in October in Eagan, MN.  Frank started with our class but finished after us.  Hugh McGowan, Mickey Quinn and Sid Baker joined Mike in attending Frank’s funeral.  

All good wishes and hoping for your health, happiness and prosperity.


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