During my January trip to Florida for the BCS game, I bumped into Tom Talaga and Doug Ford in the lobby of the Doral and heard that Arunas Vasys was also in town. I saw Denny O’Toole on campus at the WF game. He is enjoying retirement and splitting time between DC and Rehoboth DE.

I heard from Tony Andreas that he and Barb live in West Palm and keep a summer home in southern Vermont. Tony retired three years ago but started a consulting business and works with a sports and entertainment company in NYC. Tony bumped into Billy O’Donnell in Florida a year or so ago and keeps in regular touch with Bob Basche and Bob Lombardo and hears periodically from Tony Rivizzigno.

Tom Gorla wrote that he and Denny O joined their group for the 50th at St. Louis Univ. HS and Tom subsequently met up with Sam Buonaugurio and Chuck Cronauer, both of whom started with us but finished after graduation, at the Stanford game.

Lots of back and forth between a big group: Pat Cashill, Greg Rust, Jamie Toohey, Gus Rini and Tim Streb. Something about a Halloween bash years ago in SF at Pearl’s Jam House, at which Streb showed up dress as Jiminy Cricket. Cashill says no one realized Tim was actually wearing a costume.

I heard through Class Prez Cap Gagnon that Ed Schaffler retired Dec. 31. Cap also saw Dick Garrett andDave Cappelletti at the football luncheon in South Bend in November. John O’Hearn has been ailing here in Chi-town. Gar Isacco touched base from Maryland, reporting attendance at his 50th at the former South Hills Catholic in Pittsburgh, along with Frank TetlowDave Vietmeier and Bob Bodnar. They shared good thoughts about Dave Broderick who was murdered by his former spouse 20 years ago in San Diego. Gar made it in to the Purdue and BC games.

Jack Gerken continues to deserve super credit for the class website (1966.undclass.org). Jack sends word that Ray Neihengen chaired the 50th at ND High School in Niles IL. Some 21 of the 32 living Irish Dons made the soiree, including Jack, Jim Blum, John Devona, Terry Kiwala, Alan Loboy, Ron Schmidt, Jim Starshak, Steve Aufmuth, Bob Basche, Terry Casey, Jim Cullen, Chuck Datz, Jerry Erbach, Rev. Mike Geisler, Tom Gorman, Rev. Joe Landauer, Chuck Reali, Bill Scanlon and Don Stevens. Mike Strubel had to cancel late. The gang is looking for two missing Dons: Dick Harrer, last seen in Arizona, and Robert Courtney, supposedly in Chicago. If you know these guys, let Ray or Jack in on it.

We lost John McCuen of Bloomfield Hill, MI to leukemia in September. His wife, Christine, reports that John spent his last hours watching the Irish defeat Purdue and that his last word, uttered at the conclusion of the game, was “Wonderful.”

Former Republican Congressman and great guy David O’B Martin passed on from cancer at his West Virginia home. Dave had represented the district around Watertown NY for six terms and was deemed responsible for persuading the Army to enlarge Fort Drum. Dave roomed at ND with Paul O’Brien, Bill Zloch and the late Pete Andreotti. Following his stint in government, Dave served as VP for the national Soft Drink Association. He was buried at Arlington on Jan. 4. Mike Gilman sent word that Dave was a true leader in the USMC and a “remarkable character.”

I heard from Bob Schmitt of Burbank, CA, who served with Dave in Viet Nam, and wanted folks to know what a special individual he was. Bob returned to Chicago in May for his 50th at the now-defunct St. George HS and spends his time tinkering with sports cars.

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