Congrats to John Phillips on his recent appointment and confirmation to the post of US Ambassador to Italy, perhaps our first ’66 envoy at that august level. You may recall that John attended UC Law at Berkeley and later founded the DC firm of Phillips & Cohen. He serves as the current president of the presidential Commission for White House Fellowship and is also the founder of Taxpayers Against Fraud, an organization that combats tax evasion. John was the inspiration for the False Claims Act, otherwise known as the Whistle Blower Act, which provides compensation for those who denounce the intention to evade taxes in their own workplaces. John has labored long on behalf of the poor and disenfranchised and previously co-founded in LA the Center for Law in the Public Interest. John and wife, Linda Douglas (former ABC correspondent and past director of communications for the White House), have a daughter, Katie, and will be able to spend weekends in Tuscany.

Jamie Toohey, with class president Cap Gagnon’s assistance, has been researching exploits (some of which we can actually talk about) of the early ND rugby teams. JT refers to RFC president John Reding and Bob Corcoran, both of whom live in upstate New York along with Mike Carroll, Jack Stutz, Paul Sauer and current CalifornianCharlie Toeniskoetter, who started with us but finished a five-year engineering program in ’67.

I recently found Terry Forster, whose name had been misspelled and was listed as missing. Terry practices medicine (allergy, immune and rheum) in Doylestown PA. He and Peg have two children. Speaking of missing, has anyone heard from or about Larry Reynolds? Cap recalls having read that he was practicing medicine somewhere in Alaska. I heard that John Ganahl is practicing law in the Fresno area and that Jim Rakers ’65 visited with recently hip-replaced Bruce Broemmel in Quincy.

Mike Boone out Denver way was there last spring when Pat Lennon received the Denver Club’s Award of the Year. Mike and Sheila sat with Carol and Roger Kirwan who reside in Golden CO. Both families have ND ’93 kids. Roger roomed with Mike Rush in Morrissey as a sophomore and remembers that two of the biggest guys around had the smallest room. Speaking of Rush, he is expecting his second grandchild in September here in Chicago and was planning a mini-reunion and golf for the OU weekend with Larry DeFrance, Ray Neihengenand Bob Rivello (see photo story in Jack’s Journeys).

Dick Martiny is now retired for the second time in Columbia MD and active in church and ND Club stuff. He noted that fellow football manager Don Bouffard has relocated to Florida and serves on the board of two banks, as well as assisting with ND Monogram affairs. Dick heard that former football manager Tim Knight was teaching in southern California and that Jim Walsh is still enjoying retirement in northern California. Dick reminds us that fellow managerTim Bard lives in the Philly area and was preparing to sell his bank equipment business and retire. He also noted that Dan Morper and his wife are successful artists in Santa Fe.

Jack Gerken writes that he tried to catch up with Tom Begley in St. Pete., but Begs was on the road. Jack and Carol did meet up with Fouzia and Jerry Erbach on Sanibel Island. Jerry continues to consult in Haiti with Habitat for Humanity. Jack also had a Chicago lunch with Ray & Kathy Neihengen, Jim Blum and Ginny & John Devona, met with Joe Doherty and family in the Santa Ynez wine country and had lunch with Don Stevens in Phoenix. Remember, Jack created the class web site (, so please use it.

Andy Dincolo from the Detroit area is still in accounting and was asking Cap about Bill Wentworth, who lost his wife recently. More sad news: Jim Ballard died after a May biking accident near his New Mexico home. He went over an embankment and sustained significant trauma but was on the mend and then went suddenly.  Our thoughts and prayers to his family. Fini for this issue. Send news.

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