I attended the USC game and saw Trip Blythe, who is enjoying retirement in the St. Louis area, following his career with a major accounting firm. Rich Sauget, also from St. Louis, was there, but I didn’t bump into him. Tom Begleywas also on hand for the USC game and tailgated with Pat and Howard York, who serves on one of ND’s advisory boards, along with South Bend resident Paul Joubert. Tom met up with Jiggs McAuliffe and Nancy at Sunny Italy. Also in town was Tim Streb from San Francisco, where he serves on the board of the ODC Dance Company. Tim and Caren visit their Paris flat three times a year and did hook up at the game with Kathy and Gus Rini and Kathy and Tom Belden, all from Cleveland, and hosted by Frank Murtha at his always great tailgate.

Joe Yoches and Lois are retired in Peoria and have been traveling, after Joe’s career with Caterpillar. I wonder what’s up with Joe Jackoboice in Grand Rapids. Former BPers Bob Bodnar and Ed Bilinski and their wives were in for the Temple game.

Skip Medina reports that he hosted a great tailgate at the ASU game in Dallas. Also in Big D were Carol and Jack Gerken who ran into former Irish great QB Terry Hanratty, brother of our mate Pete Hanratty, who died suddenly of a stroke last December. Back from Habitat for Humanity in Haiti, Jerry Erbach and his son Ian joined the Gerkens for the Texas festivities.

Word through class president Cap Gagnon is that Brian Graham down Austin way saw the death notice on Mike Zika and decided to reach out to fellow 66ers. Mike was from Ottumwa IA and ended up working for GE in Pennsylvania. Brian connected with Bill “Tex” Lasher, who was on the faculty at Cincinnati U before retiring. Another Brian “find” was his sophomore roomie in Walsh, Dean Dohnalek, who is retired and living in Tulsa where he practiced law. Brian keeps in touch with Howard Dooley, who still teaches at Western Michigan. Brian is suggesting a joint gathering with our SMC sister class at the 50th. He invites contact at ebrian@grandecom.net. Brian Graham reports that Chuck Datz and his wife are giving up cold Iowa to move to Cedar Part, right outside of Austin, nearer their daughter and family. Brian says that Harry McDonough is still serving as assistant regional counsel for the Dept of Health and Human Services in San Francisco.

Ray Neihengen of the Windy City checked in with good wishes. Also from Chicago, Bill Breen is still doing financial advising for Merrill Lynch and joins many of us in mourning the recent passing of my high school classmate, Judy Sherrod Phelan, spouse of the late Jim Phelan. This edition’s death notices also include the loss last May of Bill Kallal in Cheyenne WY.

Also in Chicagoland, John O’Hearn has been under the weather, so keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Jamie Toohey hails the ND rugby gathering at the OU game, Joining Jamie were John Reding, Mike Krach andBob Corcoran. Jamie has a winter home at PGA Village in Port St. Lucie, FL and would love to host mates for golf. Beantown Mike Rush recently broke his tibia refereeing a rugby match. Joe Hogan was planning on being on campus for the Navy game.

After 12 years at Chicago’s premier children’s hospital. I have accepted the position of SVP advancement and president of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, the top-ranked rehab facility in the US and arguably the world. I will lead a $300 million campaign to build a new $550-million, world-class hospital in the heart of the Windy City. I was also blessed with the birth in September of a new grandson with the awesome name of Thomas Rockne Sullivan. No ND influence there.

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