As I prepared to head out to the ND Club of Chicago’s 56th annual Rockne Dinner, I seriously hoped that our collective brain cells are not disproportionately atrophying. This is another column in which the news is spare. I hope it’s just a sign that you’re all too busy to send info.

Thanks to old reliable Cap Gagnon, I received a newspaper photo of Heisman finalist and great ND back Nick Eddy, who now finds fulfillment as a special education teacher in Modesto CA. Former Stanford Hall bud and Nitelighter Tony Andrea shared news that he is working with the Pat Tillman Foundation here in Chicago and promises to call the next time he is town. Frank Tetlow made it to campus for the Blue-Gold game with his grandson, who may attend ND’s football camp this summer.

I heard from Jack Gerken, who was in St. Pete in March working the IndyCar race and had dinner with Shirley andTom Begley. Jack says Tom is busy talking up our 50th and that he and Shirley look great. Jack’s Carol is VP of Nursing for Generations Healthcare and will open a 19th hospital in San Diego in June and then they are talking about retiring. They plan to hit the Michigan game on campus and definitely ASU there.

I heard from ND trustee Bob Conway that a great group of mates made it to US Ambassador to Italy John Phillips’country home in Tuscany for a grand renewal of friendship. Among those on hand were Ta and Peter Budetti of Kansas City; Barbara and Tim Gunn of NYC; Marge and Jim Schulte of Scottsdale; Maureen and Jay McGowan; Kathy and John Frey of Santa Fe; Mamo and Max Graham of Hawaii; Elizabeth and Paul Walker of Los Angeles; Larry Allen and Vicki Dugan of DC; Diane and Pablo Moore of Los Angeles; Johnna and Pat Cashill of Reno, along with John and his wife Linda and Bob’s bride Ricki of London. It sounds like a fab time was had by all, including lots of gastronomical fare and vino.

That reminds me that we have had two ambassadors in our class: John P and the late Mike Wadsworth, who served as Canada’s ambassador to Ireland. We should mention our two ND trustees: Bob C and Doug Ford.

I hate to end on a sad note, but Tom Bornhorst passed on suddenly on April 3 in Ft. Laramie OH. Tom had been an all-state basketball player at Piqua High, where he also achieved all-American recognition in football. We remember Tom from his stint on the Irish round ball team. He is survived by his wife Margaret and four sons.

That’s it for this issue. It’s two short years until our 50th reunion, which promises to be a grand renewal of friendship. Plan now to be there and in the interim, send a little news.

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