Long time passing. I hate to start on a down note, but let me begin with news of the unfortunate passing of four classmates. Herb Seymour of Detroit died suddenly in May while on his annual trout fishing excursion in northern Michigan. Herb had spent his career as a freelance artist and was a delightful individual. I recall that his twin, Ed Seymour, also of Detroit, joined Herb on the Fighting Irish football squad.

John O’Hearn of Elmhurst IL passed away in July after a debilitating illness. John spent his career in radio advertising sales and finished up working for the ABA in advertising. He is survived by Mary Jo and a passel of kids and grandkids. “O” and I managed to have more than a few good times over the years, and he was also close to Jim Walsh, retired US Air pilot now of the San Francisco Bay area in California.

Marty Dunn sent word of Tom Diebold’s untimely death in July in Louisville, where he had been the very successful CEO of a steel processing company. Tom was a big ND booster and also a fan of Xavier High School.Tim Malloy reported the passing of Dr. John Proos in St. Joseph MI. John was a beloved physician there for 45 years who apparently died in his sleep in May.

And while we’re dealing with bad news, John Berges related that Jude Lenahan, down Nashville way, lost his wife at the very same time he was retiring from his public defender job. JB also noted that Dr. John Wylie is still practicing ortho surgery in West Virginia. JB met with Rudy Navari on campus just before Rudy departed ND for his second career in Switzerland. JB also keeps in close touch with John Rahiya in Atanta, where he heads the Rahiya Group, doing leadership training. John still manages to rack up 100,000 air miles a year at his “day job.” But his primary activity is tending his Missouri Ozark ranch and his horses. He and Claudia live 20 miles south of Rolla, and JB still manages to compete with folks of all ages in horse/cattle sports like team penning ranch sorting. If you want to play cowboy, stop by.

John Jakobice is still holding forth in Grand Rapids, playing golf a few days a week, taking a trip to Alaska, helping Aquinas College establish a foundation and spending winters in Florida. Jim Starshak, of that tough duty spot, Honolulu, is planning to hit the Bend for a game or two. Bob Brandt just retired after 40 years as founder/CEO of his very successful Chicago ad agency…to La Quinta CA. Bob’s firm was nominated for four Clio awards during his tenure and he reports having seen Charlie Cappel, almost playing golf with Pete Thornton and keeping in touch with Arunas VasysTom TalagaDoug FordJoe Guiltinan and Jim Herbstritt.

Tom Begley sent word of a Nappy’s Boys reunion in Louisville in February. The entire group worked with Nappy for three years on the Bengal Bouts. Dr. Jay McGowan, longtime president of Bellarmine U and his wife Maureen hosted the gang, which also included Denny O’Toole, Jude Lenahan and John Wylie. You may know that Jay has transformed BU from a sleepy little local Catholic college to a significant regional university. Begs also reported having dinner with Frank Sheehan and Justine in Punta Gorda last March as well as enjoying a March repast with Mike McKim and Shirley, as Mike continues his health battle. Begs was sad to miss the 70th birthday celebration of George Palmer.

Mike Boone of Denver checked in with class president Cap Gagnon, noting that he had recently seen Pat Lennon at a Denver ND Club senior luncheon. Tony Andrea reports hitting the Windy City occasionally, doing some work for the Pat Tillman Foundation. He promises to call one of these times so we can reminisce about our Stanford Hall days as residents of adjacent rooms. Cap G reminded me of our super successful mate, Rich Sauget, who is either buying up or developing all of southern Illinois, right across the bridge from St. Louis. I saw Boston-based Mike Rush for lunch during a ChiTown visit in July and spoke by phone with ND Assistant Band DirectorLarry Dwyer who is well and happy. John Flatley of Chicago planned to bring Joe Pete Wilbert and Mary, along with Hank Schachter and Barbara, all of Dallas, to the Michigan game. I am done for now. Keep me posted.

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