John Flatley reported that he visited with Joe Pete Wilbert in San Antonio for the Army game and spent the winter in Naples FL. Flats attended Pat Cahill’s funeral in Reno in August and saw Gusti Rini, Tim Streb and Paul Fieberg, among others. 

Jack Crawford was in touch with class prez Cap Gagnon and was inquiring as to the status of Ed Calior. Cap reported having seen Ed at a number of ND games. Pat McRedmond from down Nashville way sent word that his grandson has been accepted to ND.  The grandson is the son of his ND daughter, Jennifer.

Sheila and Don Snyder are doing a river cruise in Europe this summer and are still raving about last June’s 50th Reunion. Don got a call from Frank Sheehan and they were planning to get together for lunch in Raynham MA.

Over drinks I met with Vicki and Jim Conley who were visiting relatives here in the Baltimore area. Jim had a long career in retail in the Canton area, before returning to law school and becoming a mediator, which he still does. Jim had news on lots of folks. Fran and Tom Callahan live in Houston, where Tom is in investments. Tom Belden is still active in Canton. The aforementioned Streb is retired from banking in California. Dave Rentschler apparently is still skiing his rear off in Utah. Dan Gulling is retired and splits time between Green Bay and Florida. Air Force Lt. Gen. Gene Santarelli is retired, but I didn’t catch where he is located. Marty O’Connell went on to Stanford from ND, earning an advanced degree in electrical engineering, and ended up working at the Chicago Board Options Exchange, from which he is retired.

We also talked about the late, great Herb Seymour and wondered about the status of Denny Conway, Ken Ivan and Bill Zloch, all of whom have been incommunicado of late. Skip Medina is involved in Operation Fishing Freedom, which gets vets to share their stories on a TV show, apparently while fishing.

John Berges checked in from the rural Missouri Ozarks where he and Claudia live with their nine horses and four dogs. JB finally retired, which gives him more time to compete in national and regional ranch sorting and team penning events. They spent time this fall in Nashville with Jude Linehan at the Packers/Titans game. JB also heard from Rudy Navarri who has retired to Mt. Olive AL. JB regularly hauls horses up and down I-44 and says he used to see a lot of Con-Way double rigs, a trucking firm that is/was owned by Bob Conway.

A sad note, John Lungren passed away in November in Fair Oaks CA after a long battle with Parkinson’s. John had a multi-faceted career, including stints in the Army and as a reporter and public relations manager for TRW, in addition to having a number of senior positions in California state government. John’s late father was Richard Nixon’s personal physician and also president of the ND Alumni Association. John is survived by Nancy Jean and four children.

I’m hoping to connect soon with Charlie O’Brien, who lives north of Baltimore and is a retired trash magnate. That does it for this edition. Stay in front of the train and send news.

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